The show

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*2 months later*
Vinny's POV

While I was getting ready for the show Y/n was doing Ricky's makeup, and she did a pretty good job, "Hey babe can you paint the back of my neck!" I yelled out to Y/n but Ghost started painting my neck "dude I was talking to my girlfriend" I said to him bluntly "oh...ok" he replied then Y/n came running through the bathroom door and grabbed the paint makeup thingy and started painting my neck, while she was painting my neck I was thinking since Y/n has been getting a lot of hate lately and I want to address the subject to the fans so they stop, it's really upsetting because she makes me happy and she's gone through enough she and they're basically the reason she started cutting again, i mean not all of them because the majority of our fans respect all the MIW girls but the haters fucking piss me off, I just hope it works,

Y/n's POV

I was painting Vin's neck and I could tell he zoned out and started thinking "whatcha thinkin bout babe" "huh what oh nothing" "k well you guys are on in like 8 mins so you guys better hurry up" "oh fuck" and with that he ran because everyone else had already gone to set up, I just chuckles to myself, I washed my hands and got dressed, I brushed my teeth and brushed and straightened my hair, I wine to put on my bracelets and I just looked at my scars, I used to only cut on my thighs but I ran out of room, my eyes became watery but, I just closed my eyes and continued to put on my bracelets, I walked off the bus to go watch the boys, I was walking on the warped grounds since the show was two crowded, I was walking around and I found a tree, k just lent against the tree and looked around at the view and closed my eyes, and before a could even open my eyes a felt a sharp pain strike through my jaw and I passed out

*30 mins later*
(Still Y/n's POV)

I woke up, and everything came flooding back to me, where am I, I thought to myself, I looked around to see what I guessed to be someone's basement, how did I get here, I wondered, I tried to move but I was no use I was tied to a chair, out of the corner of my eye I saw a man, this man was very familiar, oh fuck no, I, no, it can't be, Ricky said he got rid of him and he wouldn't bother me anymore, I guess he was wrong, the man was...

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