Chapter 64: The Rabbit Hole

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The next few days were pretty much torture for me.

First, I had to watch as a few gammas and omegas from Tikanni came and got the rest of the things Evangeline wanted out of her room. Every day I saw them I felt my heart twist a little, I couldn't imagine how the boys felt. Evan was more torn up about it than he showed, but he was still happy for her. He and Liam got along really well, and he even said that he couldn't have picked a better wolf for her. Still, losing your younger sister like that couldn't be easy.

Secondly, Derek and Elliot were gone. Apparently, Leo summed Derek and Elliot again. Derek said it was some kind of emergency, but that I didn't need to worry. But I did. He said he would only be gone a few days, and left plenty of food for Evan and I, but still, the house was so lonely without my vamps.

Thirdly I had not seen Ethan. At all. It had been two days since he left me to run with Billy. Two damn days. Two days that they chased after a lead that they eventually found to be a dead end.

Two days.

The pull was driving me insane. Ridiculously insane. My dreams about him became more vivid and made sleeping a miserable experience. Evan reassured me that it had nothing to do with me and that Ethan was actually chasing around different leads that had popped up really quickly; but still, my beast and I were anxious for our mate.

The only good thing was that my back finally healed. This morning I took a nice run with Evan and Ryder. It was nice to shake out my fur, but dammit, all I could think about was Ethan. About our male that finally pulled his head out of his ass.

I just wish we could have found something. I kept thinking back to the tree and wondered if I should bring Ethan? Maybe he should touch it? Maybe I should touch it again? It was a constant circus in my brain of thoughts that plagued me.

I didn't see Amber or Aaron after the fight, but I assumed that Amber was caring for her brother who was going to be laid up for a while. I only saw Thomas once. He passed by my cabin one day. I caught his eye as I was in the kitchen. He waved politely to me then kept on walking, and it was everything I had not to run out and rip his throat out.

Dusk was starting to set in and I was starting to get hungry. There was plenty of food but my wolf wanted meat. Fresh meat. She had before more restless since Ethan's disappearance from our lives. I couldn't blame her. I felt this emptiness inside me that only grew the longer we went without him.

There was a knock at my door and a familiar scent coming from behind it. I quickly jogged to it as my heart beat a little faster and opened it to see Andrea smiling at me. "Miss me?"

"You have no idea," I sighed out as we rubbed our cheeks together and hugged. "There's so much to tell you."

"I've heard some, but let's go run first, then wine and more wine?"

I smiled and nodded mischievously. "You know the words to my heart, you know that right?"

"Well because I'm your true love." She grinned wickedly, making me smile and my wolf yip.

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