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کج شوق سی یار فقیری دا کج عشق نے در در رول دتا
کج سجنا کسر نہ چھڈی سی کج زہر رقیباں گھول دتا
کج ہجر فراق دا رنگ چڑھیا کج درد ماہی انمول دتا
کج سڑ گئی قسمت میری کج پیار وچ یاران رول دتا
کج اونج وی راہواں اوکھیاں سان کج گل وچ غمان دا طوق وی سی
کج شہر دے لوگ وی ظالم سان کج سانوں مرن دا شوق وی سی


A cold and deadly silence descended upon them as soon as the man stopped talking. The cold winds froze their blood but nevertheless, it didn't matter for their hearts were already dead. The woman's eyes were wide as she stared at the man in front of her while the man's gaze was casted down.

Whether it was because of fear or regret, he didn't know. However, one thing was certain, more certain than his entire existence-he was ashamed, he didn't know how to look at Fariya after everything he had said to her.

"Omer.." His name was a mere whisper on her tongue, her lips parched, her eyes wide.

" love.. love someone else?" Fariya's voice contained all the bewilderment of the world in it. There was fear in it, pain hidden deep beneath.

"Yes." Speaking was a difficulty, but it was a necessity.

She let out a gasp as she took a step back. Omer, who had his head bowed, caught a glimpse of her retreating feet and shot his head up.

"Fariya..." He moved towards her hurriedly and coiled his hand around her wrist, halting her motion.

"It is my past." He breathed out, his entire aim to convince the lady who seemed to be in denial.

"Is it?" Fariya asked, incredulously.

"What?" Omer seemed to be taken aback.

"Is it really your past, Omer? Haven't you let it destroy your present and future too?" Fariya said, her lips wavering.

"You have allowed your past to come in your every way. Your past is still the only thing in your mind, it still has the power to pull the ground from under your feet. How can you say that it is your past when it is more powerful than your present and future combined?" Her voice didn't contain anger, it contained hurt, pain.

And as she pronounced her words, tears arriving at the brim of her eyes, Omer knew what she meant when she talked about his present and future. If Rameen was her past, Fariya was her present, her future. And Fariya knew for a fact that his past had more strength over him, it was more captivating. Omer seemed to be at loss of words, his mind and heart at a constant battle with each other.

"You should have told me earlier." She whispered as she looked down at her wrist which was encircled in Omer's hand. Slowly pulling her hand away, she stepped back. Omer's gaze were terrified as he looked at her retreating form, his eyes drenching with fear.

"Whatever happened, it is my past. And I will never let it come between the two of us." Omer said, his voice desperate.

"But it's already between us, Omer. In fact, it is me who came between you and your past." Fariya slowly said, her voice filled with ache and misery.

Omer, on hearing her painful words, took an abrupt step towards her and stopped just an inch away from her, her sparkling eyes a mirror which were showing his own reflection.

"Fariya, please. Don't do this to me. I'm already in so much pain." Omer said quite disturbed, his eyes scanning her face.

Fariya's expressions softened when Omer's words reverberated in her ears, her eyes turning soft.

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