Chapter 13

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------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-----------

I stood there, not being able to move.

"Mars c'mon!" Phillip yelled once more.

I blinked a few times before I came to my sences again. I starded walking towards Phillip but it felt as if I wasn't moving at all.

"Give me some money." He said opening his hand.

I reached into my back pocket and took out my wallet. I put it against Phillip's chest and went back to the car, not bothering to ask why he needed my money when he had just as much money as me. I sat in the car when Phillip got in, 2 new guns in his hands.

"I saw her." I said, looking forward.

"Who?" Phillip asked, admiring his new weapons.

"Nala. She was in a car with a blonde chick." I said, now looking at Phillip.

"So?" Phillip asked.

"We have to get her." I said as I started the car.

"Actually we don't." He said.

"Phillip! She needs to be with me! I can't let Drake or whatever his name is hurt her again!" I said loudly.

"You're obsessed with her! Bruno there's better girls out there!" He said.

Once those words left his lips, I snatched one of his guns and pointed it at his head.

"We're gonna find her. Do it for me." I instructed.

He was silent, as if thinking of what he should do. He sighed and turned to me.

"Fine. Now give me my gun back." He said, taking his gun.

I starded driving in the direction that Nala and that girl went, hoping to find her or the car that she was in.

------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

We were now walking out of Sprouts, when a bag fell from hand.

"Watch it! That's the second time Nala." Brooke said, getting the bags from my hand and putting them in the back of her car.

"Sorry." I said, handing her the last bag from the shopping cart.

"Stop thinking about Bruno. He's just a creep obsessing over you and Drew." She said, closing the door.

"How did you know I was thinking of him?" I said, looking at her.

"It's obvious." She said, getting in the car.

I sighed and started walking back towards the store to leave the shopping cart when I starded feeling nervous. I ignored the feeling and left the shopping cart. Quickly, I walked back to Brooke who was inside the car texting in her white iphone.

"Ready?" She said, putting the phone down and placing her seat belt.

"Let's go." I said, looking out the window, as if expecting to see someone.

She was driving for a few minutes when she stopped the car infront of my apartments.

"What are we doing here?" I asked her.

She took off her seatbelt and got the car keys.

"Well I don't know how long you'll be staying over at my house so I think you should get some of your clothes or else soon I won't have anything to wear." She said as she got out of the car.

"But I don't have my keys, Bruno did something to the door to open it but I couldn't see what he did." I said as we stepped in the lobby.

"I have a key, you gave it to me when you went to Mexico with Drew and I had to water your plants, remember?" She said, pressing the elevator button.

"Yeah I remember." I said.

We got to my floor and memories from mine and Bruno's visit filled my mind.

"We didn't even need a key, it was open. Guess Bruno didn't have a way to close the door." She said, leaving her purse in the table.

I ignored her comment and went straight to my room. There I found my dresses on the floor and bed, just how me and Bruno had left it.

"What happened here?" Brooke asked loudly as she started picking up the dresses from the floor.

"Nothing. Let's just get my clothes and leave." I said, searching for a bag since my white backpack was left in Bruno's car.

After a minute of searching, I found a black backpack and started filling it with my colorful, expensive dresses. I grabbed the rest of my undergarments, 2 pijamas and lastly my shoes. Lucky for me, everything fit in the backpack. I walked out my room, backpack in hand, and noticed the door to my art room open. I went in and saw Brooke looking at the same painting that Bruno was looking at last time.

"Is this you?" She asked.

"No. It's my mom." I said.

Brooke turned to look at me and gave me a hug.

"She's in a better place now." She said, still hugging me.

"I know." I said.

Brooke ended the hug and sighed.

"Let's go." She said.

I turned off the lights and closed the door. We went downstairs and Brooke locked the door. We were heading back to the elevator when I got the same feeling from when I was leaving the grocery cart at Sprouts. I tried ignoring the feeling when the elevator doors opened. Brooke and I stepped out at the same time and soon, I was running to the car. The feeling increased and my heart beat had increased. Just as I reached to open the car door, the cause of this feeling appeared.


I turned, afraid to see who it was, and saw Bruno.

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