//chapter 9//

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I wipe my forehead as a bead of sweat appears, the noon sun shone harshly down on us, there was no mistaking summer was here.

I shift my position slightly; surprisingly enough rocks are not comfy to sit on for long periods of time. I glance at Carter, for the last couple of hours, all he's done has stared at the water with a stoic expression.

I sigh, the quiet was nice and all, the sounds of bird song filled the air accompanied by the gentle swoosh the river made, but I still wanted to talk to fill the long hours. My mind drifts, searching for something to talk about, it's funny I'm having such a hard time when there're so many questions.

"So... can I ask you something?"

Carter just grunts in reply.

"Okay, I'm taking that as a yes," I cast my line out again after another unsuccessful bite, "with werewolves, do you have to shift every full moon?"

He snorts, "Please that Hollywood crap about shifting painfully into a furry beast at every full moon is stupid. For one, we don't writhe in agony, it's completely painless, almost a relief. And secondly, we shift at will."

"Oh, okay, that's cool." I'm suddenly overcome with a fit of giggles; it's so ridiculous that I end up laughing even harder.

I see Carter looking at me like I've sprouted a second pair of arms, "why the hell are you laughing?"

"B-because, I honestly can't believe I'm sitting here with a werewolf-"

"Lycanthrope is the preferred term," Carter said.

"-And I'm just casually talking with you about it, like we are talking about the weather or what's for dinner."

"I was wondering where the hysteria and fear were, you've been acting awfully unaffected by all this."

"I'm not hysteric," I shift my position and adjust my grip on my pole.

"Course not, because it's totally normal for someone to act calmly when they find out about werewolves and shapeshifters."

Rolling my eyes at his tone, I go back to staring out at the river. "You know, you don't have to always act like a douche, you could stop faking and actually open up to others."

"What are you, my therapist? I'm perfectly fine without your advice."

I glance at him, noting how he stares at the water like it's the most incredible thing he's ever seen.

"Look, Carter, I get it, you've got the whole wounded past don't talk to me thing going on, but cut it out okay?"

He opens his mouth as if to speak, but I cut him off, "Because, you know what? I'm not okay, I have been kidnapped, hunted and seen a man turn into a wolf. I don't even know how I'm keeping it together because all I want to do is I go home."

I don't look at him after my outburst; I close my eyes, shutting out the bright sunshine that danced so merrily, oblivious to the problems of the people about it. It felt like even as my world crashed and burned, life around me went on. Birds sang happily, the sun shone and the fish swam by below. The whole world went on, oblivious to me as I hit rock bottom.

The silence went on for some time, I knew I should say something but I was angry, I had been ripped from my family nearly two weeks ago, then I'm told I can't go back or my family dies. As I sit here, on the warm rock under the sun, I realise that the shock of it all has been sitting over me like a haze, blurring everything out over the last few days. And as I sit here, I feel it slip away, washing off me like water.

Reality hits me like a brick, this wasn't a dream, shape shifters, werewolves and elves were real, I had been kidnapped by ones and now I'm hiding with some in a tribe of elves. I would have laughed at my situation if I wasn't so damn scared. I was being hunted down like prey, and if I was found, I would die.

Biting my lip, I open my eyes and turn to look at Carter, but he's gone. No sign of his presence was left behind, I hadn't even heard him leave.

I taste blood as my teeth pierce my lip, I wrap one hand around my necklace as I stand and begin walking back through the woods, fishing pole resting on my shoulder. The sounds of the river fade into nothingness as the forest envelops me.

I'm nearly back at the tribe when I'm ambushed.

"Astrid? what are you doing, I thought you were with Carter."

I keep walking, not looking at James, "he ditched, god knows where."

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine James," my tone is harsher than I meant it to be.

"Sorry, I'm just tired," I mutter hurriedly before rushing away, leaving a confused James behind me.

I sigh in relief as I reach my hut, it feels like everything's hit me at once, the shock, lingering fear, sadness and homesickness.

I collapse gratefully onto my hammock, closing my eyes against the afternoon sun.

"Astrid, you ready?"

I'm jolted awake by the sound of a male speaking.

"Come on, your sleeping away the best part of the afternoon."

He stands in front of the window, the late sun shines around his tall profile, his hair is messy, pushed behind his ears and reaching his shoulders.

"Sam Winchester?"

"Think again angel."

I groan and slump back against my pillow, "Go away."

"No, come on, you're never going to survive out here with basic fighting skills."

I frown into my pillow at his strangely cheery tone, "what happened to old Mr grumpy?" my voice is muffled by the pillow.

He's silent for a moment, "I'm going to ignore that rude comment, just come on and follow me outside."

Groaning, I roll out of the hammock, only to be flipped onto my butt. "bloody hammocks," I said as Carter doubles over with laughter.

"Oh go shove it," I flip him off.

Still laughing, he leads me outside, "don't worry angel, when I'm done teaching you, you'll be able to fight off the nasty floor."



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