Chapter 6 - Rasatsi

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Chapter 6 - Rasatsi

Sylara watched the pixie flit in and out of sight up ahead. She thought for a while Rhydian wouldn't be successful in persuading her to come. They stayed a full day at Lux-Mindon and during that time Nomi had come up with at least a dozen excuses why she couldn't or wouldn't go. They ranged anywhere from the fact she was organizing the archives to Arabella needing her once the baby comes. Sylara could well understand the last excuse which almost succeeded in keeping her there.

News of Arabella's pregnancy had not reached her before reaching Lux-Mindon. She was surprised but happy for the Queen, who was still one of the kindest and most sincere people she had ever met. She understood exactly why Nomi wanted to stay with the queen. Nomi had served Arabella's mother and missed out on the queen's childhood. It was very rational but in the end Arabella convinced the pixie her help was needed more going with Rhydian than remaining in Lux-Mindon. It was finally settled when a girl named Carina volunteered to be Arabella's companion during Nomi's absence.

While she was young, they seemed to have a lot of faith in her. Rhydian explained just what Carina had done for his sister when she was held captive. Sylara thought the girl very brave. She'd went back to the mortal realm with Riven for a while it seemed but missed the mystic realm. Arabella offered her a position and brought her back with her after Malin and Riven's coronation. Sylara smiled thinking about what a kind soul Arabella was. Nomi accepted Carina's new position, and finally told Rhydian she'd accompany them.

They'd set out early the next morning, and had been making good time each day. They had crossed into Rasatsi three days ago and was now in the middle of the grasslands. Rolling hills full of flowers and sweet grasses dotted the foreseeable distance. Small groves of green trees filled in the rest of the landscape. It was so different from her homeland but beautiful all the same. Nomi was good at guiding them. She purposely steered them away from townships as the inhabitants of Rasatsi weren't keen on fae or elves. She always found that fact funny considering all of Rasatsi was a mix of races from pixies to dwarves and many others. Shrugging from her thoughts, she looked up ahead where Nomi was coming back fast.

She watched as the small pixie hovered near Rhydian's shoulder. Sylara could tell something was wrong by her expression. Listening to her small lyrical voice, Sylara's stomach twisted at the pixie's words.

"There's a storm blowing in. A big one by the looks of it. And the only shelter for anywhere around is a town I've just skirted us around. If we cut across country, we can be there before it hits."

"There's no other options? Can't we just wait this out in one of the groves up ahead?"

"I'm afraid not. You haven't seen a storm until you've seen one blow in over the plains picking up speed and ferocity as it goes. You don't want to be caught out in it," Nomi said, her voice picking up urgency with each word. Rhydian looked at the pixie a moment and then turned to where Sylara sat atop her horse a few paces away. She watched the unasked question in his eyes, and gave him a simple nod as answer. It surprised her that he consulted with her. She'd always thought the prince arrogant and full of himself. She wasn't sure if he just wanted to curry favor with her or truly cared about what she thought.

"Alright, follow Nomi, and let's beat this storm," Rhydian decided, turning his horse to travel off the trail they'd been following. Spurring their horses into a gallop, she could already see dark clouds forming on the distant horizon. Suddenly, Sylara was very glad to have the pixie with them. More than likely they would have tried waiting the storm out. If it were as bad as she made it sound, that would not have been a good move.

Within a few minutes they approached a small village consisting of a tavern, inn, general store, blacksmith among other buildings and a smattering of houses. But looking out over the rolling hills, you could see more homesteads in the distance. Nomi shifted to her big form just as they reached the outskirts of town.

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