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Someone started a petition to make edward and oswald a couple on the show! 
There is a link in this book's description. You can copy and paste to your browser to sign!

1 ~ My Work Is Done ~ Right after Galavan's death Oswald returns to Edward'sapartment to thank him for all of his help. But Neither of them wants to say good-bye forever. 

(This was my first attempt at a one-shot to be honest; I never really do brief scenes, so I'm really disappointed in how it turned out truthfully, but it's still nice <3)

2 ~ The Haunted Mansion ~ Oswald broke Ed out of prison to help him on his quest to re-take Gotham, but they need time to plan for a few days. One night, in Oswald's new home, Ed hears strange noises....

(I'm a little nervous about this one and I don't know why to be honest. Just let me know what you think!)

3 ~ Without You ~ Based on the song "Without You", Ed is in Arkham and Oswald visits. When Ed asks why, Oswald slowly confesses to him how he really misses him and doesn't feel the same without him.

(I started writing this before the premiere of season three and oh my goodness that scene. Enough said. I finished this almost shamefully after that X'D)

4 ~ Love Story ~ Based on the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, Oswald is living at his father's house, pretending to be innocent even though the conditioning had worn off long before. He did want to have a chance at a normal, simple lifestyle. But that thought goes out the window when he suddenly finds Ed climbing in through his.

 (It started out as a joke between me and a friend , and now thanks to her I wrote this story and had to connect it to this song XD) 

5 ~ The Nightmare ~ Oswald has a nightmare, but luckily Ed is there to comfort him.

(One of my shorter chapters, just a nice little present for everyone ^_^)

6 ~ Anything For You ~ Based on a combination of scenes from 3x07 "Red Queen", Edward and Oswald talk about love, and Oswald decides to take a huge risk. 

(I wrote this before I saw the episode, so sadly this didn't actually happen :P)

7 ~ "Nygma Seeks Revenge" ~ Based on a spoiler for season 3 episode 10, Ed finds out that Oswald has betrayed him in the worst possible way, and intends to make him suffer for what he's done. 

(No, it is not a kink thing. Sorry to disappoint.)

8 ~ K-I-S-S-I-N-G ~ How the mid-season finale (season 3 episode 11) should have ended. Enough said.

(Because all of us are more than a little dead inside after what actually happened)

9 ~ K-I-L-L-I-N-G ~ The sequel to K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Sorry it became a two-shot), where Ed and Oswald (mostly Ed) get revenge on Babs, Tabs, and Butch for trying to turn them against each other, and Ed just might learn to forgive Oswald.

(I found it sort of difficult to take this chapter seriously, so apologies in advance for it turning out a little weird!)

10 ~ A Long Day ~ Prompt #2 ~ After Ed has a long day, Oswald wants nothing more than to spoil him.

11 ~ Christmas Special ~ Eddie and Ozzy encounter their first Christmas together-and Oswald has no idea how to react.

12 ~ A Better Pill to Swallow ~ my version of a much better ending to season 2 episode 9: "A Bitter Pill to Swallow"

13 ~ Insecure ~ Oswald feels insecure about being gay but Edward helps him feel better about himself. After dinner one night, however, they meet some people that make Oswald feel worse, and it's up to Ed to make the situation better...or maybe a bit worse.

14 ~ Hold On... ~ Based on the song "Hold On" by X Ambassadors and the ending of the newest episode, season 3 episode 14, Ed regrets *spoilers* and wonders if he's made a terrible mistake, and how he can make it right.

(Spoilers for season 3 episode 14) (So who else is dead inside?)

15 ~ What Words Cannot Express (Part One) ~ Edward ends up spending the night in Oswald's bed?

16 ~ What Words Cannot Express (Part Two) ~ Warning! It is mature! My first mature/smut/porn chapter. It picks up right where part one left off, so I definitely recommend reading part one first.

17 ~ Valentine's Day ~ After a long day of doing nothing special on the day of love, Oswald comes home to find that Edward left him a Riddler-style scavenger hunt.

(Towards the end I ended up putting a bit of a spin on it that perhaps gave a bit of a nod to the future Riddler? :P) (Also sorry it was a bit late!)

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