Kelsey’s POV:

          “Well, your little girls are perfectly healthy and everything seems to be running smoothly,” Dr. Webs smiles as I sit up. “You should be having them in about four months’ time.”

          I smile as Harry stands up. “Thank you, doctor,” he says as Dr. Webs smiles and nods before leaving the room.

          “Oh, my God,” I chuckle breathily. “Four more months left.”

          Harry grins widely, excitedly. “You’re gonna be running around on New Years with that belly.”

          I roll my eyes. “Joy,” I say sarcastically as the two of us leave the hospital. “I actually like coming to the hospital,” I say as Harry’s hand interlocks with mine, “it’s the only place where the paparazzi have the decency not be dicks.”

          Harry coughed down a laugh as I just chuckled at his reaction. “That’s true,” he replies, “but it’s good as well; I don’t have to worry about you going to doctor appointments while I’m on tour.”

          I give him a look, raising an eyebrow. “And what if I go somewhere else?” I ask, “You wouldn’t be worried then?”

          Harry scoffed, smirking slightly. “Please,” he rolls his eyes, “you cry at the thought of changing out of your pajamas.”

          I opened my mouth to retaliate but shut it soon after. “You’re actually right,” I say, chuckling breathily. “Being pregnant isn’t all bad now that I think about it. It comes in handy as an excuse.”

          “Oh, yeah?” Harry raised an eyebrow as we got into the Range Rover. “Excuses for what?”

          “For, like, putting whipped cream on my mushroom pizza,” I say as I put on my seat belt.

          Harry scrunched up his face in disgust. “You don’t even like mushrooms on your pizza,” he points out as he started up the car.

          “I know!” I reply, “But I was craving them at the time so I ate it with some whipped cream.”

          He shook his head, chuckling slightly. “I feel bad for what you’ve put my mother and sister through.”

          “Oh, please,” I rolled my eyes, “it’s not like I made them try it. But since you said that, I just might make you try it.”

          “Please don’t,” he pleaded, turning the steering wheel as the car took a left turn. “I promise not to make fun of your weird cravings.”

          “Mhm,” I mused, narrowing my blue eyes at him, “that’s what I thought.”

Harry’s POV:

          Today, somehow and miraculously, I got Kelsey to get out of the house. Thankfully, Gemma being in town got her to get up from bed and out of the house, and I made sure they were out for the entire day. Because today I was having some people come in and start making up the babies’ room. The lads were coming to help as well, which was really kind of them to do so.

          I had also asked Gemma to make sure that Kelsey stayed off of Twitter, just in case word got out and fans started tweeting about it. So I could only hope Gemma would be able to do that and keep Kelsey off of it.

          Around noon, the doorbell rang and in came the lads. “The baby room company people or whatever are here,” Louis says as he walks in and I nod.

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