Chapter 69

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We boarded the plane with some delay, as the airport staff had to check someone on our schools list because their name cross-referenced with a name on the no fly list, and Jackson had to talk for ages to sort it out.

It turned out that they shared their name with a frequent drug smuggler who constantly tried to get onto the plane with different names, and his happened to be one of the names that the guy had adopted in one of his schemes.

Eventually, we all boarded the plane and received the most awkward of looks from everyone on the aircraft. Lucky for me, and because the school had booked later to get cheaper prices, we were all sitting separately on the plane. I mean, we had delayed them for three hours.

But fate had a funny little way of screwing me over, and I was in the row behind Matt. I really hated my life at that point.

The elderly couple sitting on the other two seats in the row with me had chosen the middle and aisle seat, which meant that I had the window seat. It pissed me off because usually everyone wanted the window seat.

Not trying to be mean, but one of them was rather overweight and sort of sat on my seat too, so I was backed up against the window, feeling nauseous and angry.

So, I with my aching back had to put my hand luggage up on the rack without any help, and then climb over this old couple to get to my seat and sit down.

It was hot and stuffy, and I felt claustrophobic, looking forward to see that Matt actually had the aisle seat and seemed quite comfortable. I couldn’t properly get over the woman, and so I had to practically launch myself over to get into my seat.

Fastening my seatbelt, I half-heartedly watched the safety video as my headache took over and prevented me from really concentrating on anything. The five and a half hour flight was actually going to kill me.

I sat there, trying to drift off to sleep as I realised that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

The woman sitting next to me had her headphones in and was watching some sort of comedy show on her television and I could hear her laughing so loud that it almost amplified and made my head vibrate more.

It wasn’t only me that she seemed to be annoying, I did notice the man in front of me turn around to see who she was, before giving me a sympathetic look through the gaps in the seats and turning back around.

I felt my body heat getting higher and higher and I began to shift around in my seat to try and get comfortable. But, the schools low budget flying decisions and the people I was around and the seat I was in made me want to throw up. I couldn’t stand it and we had only just took to the run way.

I wasn’t exactly a big fan of flying, but as the television in front of the woman next to me was turned off for take-off, I was given slight respite as we prepared fly.

I placed my hands on the armrests, practically touching the woman but not really caring. My nerves were far too shaken up to bother worrying about personal space.

The speed increased and as we headed down the runway you could feel the plane taking off as it lifted slightly from the ground. It made me instantaneously queasy – but I couldn’t tell anyone.

They’d never let me live it down. Charlotte – being ill five minutes in to the flight. God only knows what they’d start to call me.

By the time we were fully levelled out in the air, the woman’s television came back on and she gasped with excitement. I could have easily hit her at that point, for she was annoying the hell out of me. I had to stand four days with the people from school in close proximity and I couldn’t be bothered with it.

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