Truth be told (Part two)

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graphic material may disturb some readers:
Flashback continued:

I woke up to bright lights. I'm in bed.
"baby you up" she says. I stare at her.
"I swear I didn't mean to stab you" She said.
"God I'm a horrible girlfriend"she says. She started crying. I hate seeing her cry.
"Baby I'm……Ow……okay I still love you" I say and cringe at the pain.
"I got a doctor I know she patched you up we can go out of town this weekend to make it up to you I swear I wont hit you" she says. I stare at her scared. She gets in bed with me and kisses my neck. I let her. Her lips feel good. She moved to my lips. Her kiss was slow and loving. She put me on top.
"Tell me if I hurt you" she said. I nodded. She rubbed on my thigh.
"Ah" I moaned. She pulled off her shirt. I loved her full breast. I put one in my mouth.
"ooh baby"she gasped.  She stifled her moan then. I move to the other.
"Baby I just wanna give to you"  she said. I laid on my back my stomach was still in pain but my pussy was throbbing.  she kissed my neck and rubbed my pearl. By the way she grabbed my thigh I could tell she was turned on. I heard her heavy breathing as well.
"God I love you baby I love you so much" she says and she moved to kissing my neck. At this point I wanted her to shut up and eat my p*ssy. She eventually moved down between my legs. She blew on my pearl it made my body shutter.  She started licking me. I grabbed her head.
"Ahhh baby that feels good faster" I moaned. She did told. Lord I was high as fuck. She sped up and wrapped my legs around her neck and deepened the feeling of her tongue. She kept it going until I climaxed all over the sheets."

*pause of flashback*


"uhm can we skip this part its making me horny" Miranda said. I chuckled.

"Yes ma'am" I say.
*play of flashback*
   So a couple weeks later we were still good. That was until she started doing coke again. I had gotten tired of getting my ass kicked for addressing it. I just let it happen and stayed out her way. I was miserable some times and happy as hell other times. I had no idea what misery was until one night her friend were over. Teyshana, Quinn and Leslie. You see she never brought guys around me because she felt in competition  with them.  You would think she would with other studs but she was fucked up anyway. She liked showing me off as her little slave. Her friends were just as disturbed as her.
"Kasey!" she called. I sigh I was tired it was game night so I had been her little cook and maid. I get up and walk down stairs.
"what?" I ask a little harsher than I should of. Her face harden.

"I meant yes bae" I correct myself. She smiles.
"Comere" she says. I walk over and I feel Leslie's eyes on me. I felt uncomfortable. Raven pulled me on her lap. I was a little confused. She usually makes me go upstairs.
"You can't address no body but your girl huh?" Quinn asks.
"Ya damn right she know who she belong too" Raven says. I cringe.  She kisses my neck. I look at those hazel eyes and their so that was my Raven. The one I had fallen in love with. I relax and lay in her arms. I never would of expected what was gonna happen that night.
"Vee let me holla at you for a min" Quinn says.
"Yeah bae get up" Raven says. She tongues me before her leaving. Leslie lights a blunt. She keeps staring at me. I get uncomfortable. She sits right across from me. She moves closer. I move away again.
"How old are you" she asks.
"15" I say. 
"Why you look scared mommie" she asks and twirls my hair around her finger. She places her hand on my thigh. I jump.
"You know I never had a white girl especially one as pretty as you" she says and puts her hand on my thigh.
"Uhm I…" I get up and go to the other couch. She follows me and touches my face. I cringe. She smells like weed mixed with Bacardi.
"Leslie the fuck you doing" Raven asks. Leslie smirked. Okay everyone of them were mentally unstable but Leslie was fucking deadly.  I laid down on my back and listened to my music. I saw Leslie whisper something in Ravens ear and hand her a wald of cash.  She nods. She walks up and to me.
"Baby comere" she says.  I nod. She walks me to the room and lays me on the bed.
"You love me baby?"  She asks.
"Yes" I say and lean back so she can kiss me neck. She keeps kissing me.
"Take off your clothes" She says. I do and laid back so she keeps kissing me. I start getting wet.
"You love me you?" she asks.
"Yes I love you very much." I moan when I feel her start fingering me.
"You'll do anything for me"  she says and goes deeper.
"Ahhh yes baby faster"I moan. She pulls out.
"Anything?" She asks again.
"Yes baby I love you" I said softly.
"Lay down baby" she says.
"Close your eyes" She said. I did. I hear the door open.  I open my eyes to see Leslie coming in licking her lips.
"Vee" I say nervously.
"Lay back down Kasey." Raven says and locks the door behind Leslie who smirks. She starts taking off her clothes.
"Baby what's going on?" I ask scared. "Shush lay down alright remember you said anything" she says and kisses me and gets back on me.
"Do it for me" she says. I started whining. Raven got off and Leslie get on me.
"Noo get off" I push Leslie off me.
"Kasey!" Raven calls. I run behind her.
"baby don't make me please I'll do anything else baby" I plea.
"You don't wanna" she asks coldly.  My heart beat started the thud.
"Lee go outside for a min" She says. Leslie frowns but goes outside. I try to run and bathroom knowing what happen. I don't make it and she gets me and punches me.
"Did I ask you what you wanted" She fires.
"Baby please stop" I cry out and she slaps me.
"Stop fucking crying and get on the fucking bed." she says and grabs me by my neck.
"Okay okay I'll do it just don't hurt me anymore baby please" I cry.
"I'm hurting you I'll do a whole lot more than hurt you" she says. I stop crying and get on the bed. She goes out to get Leslie.  I stop crying. Leslie start taking off her clothes and I see Raven sitting not to far from us. Leslie starts kissing me. Her lips feel all wrong on me. I look down the whole time.
"Let me see those beautiful eyes" she whispered and lifts my head up. I stare in all horror.  I see her pants are still on.
"Take them off" she says hovering over me. I was on the edge of the bed. I look over at Raven who smiles. I wanted to cry again. Leslie gets on top of me and puts my titty in her mouth. Her tongue felt like a wet worm on my nipple. I had to act like I was enjoying it. So I moaned only to prevent my ass from getting kicked. She kept going and kissed down. She got down to my p*ssy.
"No" Raven says looking down. I felt her strap enter me. I started crying she was so rough with me. I covered my face hoping it was a dream sadly it wasn't.
"Ow ow" I cry but she kept jamming into me so roughly. I opened my eyes she was getting off on my fear I could tell.
"Oww" I whined again.
"shut up Kasey!" Raven said. I covered my mouth and kept crying. When Leslie finished she got out of me and got dressed then walked out. I lay numb and used.  She pays Raven and walks off. I feel cheap.       
    This continued I still stayed.  Every female fucked me, made me feel cheap worthless and my sick girlfriend watched. I loved the few times I had my loving girlfriend……that's what made me stay.
"Baby I don't wanna see this" I whined. It was movie night.
"Oh hush" she says. I never liked horror movies they were boring. Raven enjoyed them. I snuggled in her arms. We laughed at dumb scenes. She ran her hands through my hair.
"I love you Kasey" she says.
"I love you too Vee" I say. We made out through the movies.
"Dance with me"she says. I get up.  I forgot the song but I knew why I fell in love with her.
    I kept being forced to sleep with women. I was treated like p*ssy and not a person until I met Jezabelle or Jezzy. Jezzy was sexy brown skin,  green eyes, full lips,slim build. Her home-girl  pressured her. I was lying in bed waiting for the next.  She came in yeah she was beautiful but I knew she was just another low life. She saw me and froze.  She walked over and started to kiss me but stopped.
"I can't do this goddammit how old are you"She asks.
"15" I mumble.
"Damn your still young"she says. She looks away.
"I got a idea"She says and takes off her shoes. She stands on the bed and starts jumping. I giggle.
"Comere" she says. I start jumping as well.
"Moan"she says. I smile and I do. She does to. Her moan is actually kind of sexy. She stopped.
"Damn I'm tired" she says.
"Me too" I say.
"You smoke?"she asks.
"Yeah" I say. She lights up a blunt.
"How old are you?"I ask.
"18" she said.
"Damn" I said
"Tell me why do you do this"She asks. I start tearing up remembering the many females. Raven stopped watching but she use too.
"Oh shit I'm sorry you ain't gotta answer."she said. She pulled  me and held me. I let her I didn't feel loved but I felt relaxed.
"What's your name"she asks.
"Cassandra yours?"
"Jesabelle" she says.
    I had been talking to Jezzy secretly. She made me feel a sense of hope in the hell I lived in. We're going to a movie. We'd been talking for a few weeks now she hasn't tried anything.  I put on a black long sleeve shirt and grey jeans with purple shoes (Yes I did not match then either). We meet up at a gas station that I walk to in order to meet her. I get in the car.
"hey lovely"She says smiling.
"Hi" I say and kiss her on the cheek she blushed.
    In the movie the vibe is pretty chill. I like comedies. I feel Jezzy's eyes on me.  I don't mind I look up to face her.
"Uhm Kasey can I uhm……nevermind"she says she looks confused. I lean in and so does she. Our lips touch hers are soft. ."Wow your lips are soft"she says blushing and pulling away.
"Yours too" I say not breaking eye contact with her.
"Can I do that again." she ask.
"I do too" I say. She kisses me again. I want tongue so I nervously lick her lips. She opens her mouth.  She tasted so…sweet. I liked this she kept holding my hand and not grabbing on me. Her other hand is lightly placed on my neck. It was good to feel respected. She ran her hand up my wrist. I cringe and pull away.
"Shit I'm sorry" she says panicking.
"it wasn't you i uhm pissed off my girlfriend" I say pulling my sleeve down.
"She hit you doesn't she?" Jezzy asks.
"Yes"I say quietly. Jezzy doesn't judge she just pulls me in her arms. Not with pity just support. That night we got a lot closer. I cried in her shoulders.
    A month in of me and Jezzy talking Raven goes on a "business trip" I was lonely. So I called Jezzy.
"Wassup Valentine" she said calling me by my last name. 
"Nothing Wright bored"I said calling her last name.
"Ain't ya boo home you not suppose to be on the phone with me"she asked concerned.
"She on a business trip"I say.
"Well wanna come chill wit me"she ask catching me off guard.
"Wait that is if your comfortable with that if not uncomfortable"She babbles. I think about it.
"Yeah I'll come"I conclude.
"Really uhm I mean okay cool I'll come pick you up at our spot"She says.
"Okay"I say.
   At her house its smaller than what I'm use to but its warmer.
"Nice place"I say.
"Yeah not as big as your place but its home"she says. I hear a small bark. I look to see a small fluffy dog.
"Oh do dogs bother you I can put her up."Jezzy says.
"Nah i like dogs." I say. Her dog has brown fur and blue eyes. she's cute.
"Ava go eat"she commands the dog follows. I sigh when I realize I'm like Raven puppy. 
"You want something to drink or eat?"she asks.
"Uhm a water would be nice"I say.
"Okay"she says and disappears in the kitchen. I see a Xbox. Her games are cool.
"Wanna play" Jezzy's voice sounds.
"Yeah"I say. We played a video game for a while.
"Got dat ass"I beam.
"Whatever I let you win"she says. I roll my eyes. We play wrestle then stop when I feel her body under mine. She was so beautiful.
"Kasey I…like you I shouldn't but I do I like you a lot and your beautiful to me I hate what your girl does to you but I can't change that but I wanna show you your gorgeous but I can only if you let me if you don't want to I understand and no this was not my first intention."she says. I stared at her. I kiss her and she deepens it. I let her. she moans in my mouth. I start getting heated when she squeezes my thigh. I start unbuttoning her shirt.
"Baby lets go to the room"she said. I nodded. We kissed and removed one another clothes . Her breast were thick her hips wide and p*ssy that looked edible. She kisses on me slowly kissing every bruise and scar.
"god you body is beautiful."she whispered.  She kissed me on my lips.  She kept kissing me. I felt on her and vis versa. She enters me with two fingers. She moans a bit and then puts my nipple in her mouth. I moan out her name.
"Ahh Jezzy that feel so good fuck" she moves up to kiss me again. She puts in work though. I was screaming.  She moved down she was almost better than Raven.
"Ahhh!!Fuck oh my god!!"I screamed when she sucked my pearl. She was moaning between my legs. I guess she enjoyed it. I climaxed.
"Shit"i whisper.
"You like?"she asked.
"Yes your amazing"I say. She keeps kissing my lips. I move my hand down to feel in her p*ssy she was wet and I wanted to feel her so I inserted one then two.
"Shit"she moans and grinds against my finger.
"Ah fuck baby right there ohhh ahh!"she moaned when I inside of her.."Ah just like that!" she moaned louder. I move her up so she can sit on my face. She tasted good too. We keep going until we got tired. She kissed me lightly as I cooled down.
"Damn she's lucky" she says.
"Who?" I ask.
"Raven she has you she lucky as fuck"she says. I kiss her neck lightly and  let her hold me tight.
     So Raven never found out about me and Jezzy. The sexual abuse increases and her physical abuse got worse until she stabbed me on my 16th birthday and put me in the hospital in a coma. I packed my shit and left.
"I love you Vee" I whispered to her before leaving I kiss her on the cheek and walked out.
      end of flashback



  So all the other question will be answered later as it moves.


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