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Chapter 7

He gave me a quick but rough kiss before pulling away and staring into my eyes. It was like a moment frozen in time, it looked like he could see my soul, and all my secrets and emotions were in the open for him. I quickly got lost in those silky blue eyes. So blue, just so blue… This reminded me a bit of the dream I had not long ago, but I couldn’t care less, this was my moment, and I was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

He took my hand in his and broke the comfortable silence.

“Well, I’ve been trying to tell you this for a long time, but it seems like it’s never the right moment…” he hesitated a little bit.

“You can tell me now… Well, first of all, why would you think I would be disgusted of you?!”

“I…I… Wait, why would you think the reverse?”, he looked nervous, aww, how freaking cute.

“Well, you, my friend… as I told that slut before, you’re a Greek God, seriously, you’re visual perfection, and you’re older than me, and so sweet, and I thought, I don’t know… I thought you wouldn’t want anything to do with me…” I looked down, embarrassed that I had just spilled everything on my mind to the boy of my dreams

“If it makes you feel better,…” He lifted my chin with his fingers and made me look straight into those two big pools of blue perfection, “I always thought you were too good for me. I mean, you say I’m a Greek God, but I think you’re a lot better looking than I am, and your eyes… Your eyes are filled with so much tenderness and innocence, I just wanna take you home and hug you to death or something…” he chuckled, “The point is, Alexander Johnson, I fell in love from the moment I saw you for the first time, you were a Freshman, and you were giving Dylan a piggy back ride, I remember the look on your face when you both fell to the floor and Dylan whispered something in your ear. You looked quickly to me and blushed like mad. I went home smiling that day, and, well, few weeks later, I realized I was irrevocably in love.”

Wait, what? Andrew was saying he’s in love with me… Shouldn’t I be jumping or something? Don’t jump, Alex, just keep cool.

“I’m so happy to say I automatically won the fights of who loves the other for the longest time. What Dylan whispered to me was ‘Look at the hottie you have a crush on’”, I made my best imitation of Dyl, which was actually really good, “The thing is, you were the first thing I noticed when I entered high school, you were by your locker taking your things, and my jaw dropped the minute you turned around to catch a football James had thrown at you. You looked like an angel under the spotlights. I fell in love in that particular minute.”

I felt vulnerable for being there sharing my feeling with him, what if this was just a prank? No, I knew him for over two years, he wouldn’t do that, and that kiss, it was filled with so much passion.

“First day of school? Well, that was the day it all happened, huh?”, he looked deep in thought, “We both fell in love with each other, James had a crush on Dylan…”

“And Dylan had a crush on James…” I finished.

“Wow, it was a big day…”, he smiled.

“Dylan used to tell me I should date other guys, but I always told him I wanted my first kiss to be with someone I loved. It was worth the waiting, your lips taste like heaven…” I blushed.