Chapter 37

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I’d been taken back to my Aunt Michelle’s and Uncle Brian’s. I’d hardly spoken to anyone – including Midge. She was almost as depressed about it as I was. The more time I spent with them, sure there seemed to be more secrets, but there seemed to be even more closeness that I had initially thought.

The car ride was awkward. My head was pounding. I just couldn’t keep up with anything. It was all far too difficult. I wanted to switch off from the world and never tune in again. I was beginning to let it all get to me.

Of course I wanted to be with my dad – Val was the last person I wanted to see. I couldn’t believe what she had done to our family – not just my dad and I – but to the rest of Avenged. I think that, ever since my apparent death, they had really appreciated the notion of children a whole lot more.

I sort of guessed that Midge had been spoiled a lot more because of everything that happened.

As we sat in the car, driving down into their neighbourhood, I could clearly see out of the corner of my eye that Midge hadn’t moved the entire time we had been in the car.

She had just sat there, staring into space. It seemed to have hit her just as hard as it had hit me. I didn’t fully understand why, but it did make me feel less alone in everything.

“So” Michelle finally called back into the car, directed at me, as we slowed down on the drive up to their garage. “I was thinking that maybe we’d enrol you in school tomorrow Charlotte?” she suggested, presenting it as a question when really we all knew it was more of a command.

She clearly wanted me out of her hair during the day.

“Sure” I agreed, thinking more into it and realising that it would get me away from the awful home environment that I would otherwise have to suffer.

“Whoever takes Midge to school tomorrow can go with you” she smiled, intentionally shifting her authority like the perfect mother that she was.

“Do I have to go to school tomorrow?” she moaned in a whisper, clearly too tired to even answer back.

Brian nodded as he pulled the car into the darkness of the garage – waiting for the automatic light to switch on. As it did, everyone except me went for the car doors and let themselves out, I followed exhaustively, not really wanting to be there.

But as I thought about it, it didn’t really want to be anywhere. Everyone’s house was exactly the same. I could have easily ran away. In all honestly, my home back in London hadn’t ben that bad.

They’d had their fights, but it was never quite as awful or to the same magnitude.

“I’m not going to bed yet ” Midge announced hurriedly as Michelle opened the door to the house and let us through. “I need something to calm me down.”

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