Chapter 34 - Shave and Trim

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When me and Bucky got back, I did take a shower but then I curled myself up into a ball and slept until the morning. I didn't want to go an eat, or sit info front of the TV. For some reason it didn't appeal to me. I still couldn't feel anything. And I could tell that Bucky was worrying about me. He had to literally drag me out to the balcony to spar, telling me that I could let my anger out like that. But I didn't try. I couldn't try. I felt tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Was that what emptiness did to you?

"Christina, please." Bucky groaned as he floored me. Again. "You need to try harder.'
"I'm tired." I whined, laying defeated on the floor. Bucky sighed as he stood a few feet away from me, his hands on his hips.
"You were out for nearly two days, and then you went back to sleep for another 14 hours. How are you tired?" He asked before pinching the ridge of his nose. "I'll make you a deal."
I snorted, rolling my eyes. "Okay, but good luck finding something that would satisfy me.,"
"If you can get me to the floor in the next round, I'll let you shave my stubble and trim my hair." I sat up, leaning on my elbows at hearing this. Ever since I started with him I had been repeatedly bugging him to his have and have a hair cut. He refused each time. "And just a trim." He added, holding up a a metal finger.

"You'll actually let me do it?" I asked with the quirk of my brow. He nodded in repsonse, quite reluctantly might I add. "Can I add something into the mix?"
"Depends what it is?"
"You have to order pizza for when you're done. Two very large pizzas. And brownies."
He stared at me with this deadpanned expression and I had to sit up properly to compose myself. It was a combination of both incredibly sexy and extremely murderous.

"I didn't take you in to spoil you." He muttered.
"That's what fiance's are for." I joked, smiling small. "So, do you want me to go inside and eat cereal all day or...?"
"Fine." Bucky sighed with defeat."But you have to floor me first. Or no pizza and brownies."
"But I still get to shave you?"
"Just get up off your ass and fight me." Bucky grumbled, walking to his spot and then getting into position. I got to my feet and then went to my usual spot, getting ready to face him.

I'm not going to lie to you, given my mental state, I took him down quite well. Even though he did get me into a headlock a few times, and then a chokehold, and then nearly had me on the floor. But then I elbowed him in the groin and tripped him up whilst he was distracted. I then proceeded to straddle him, crossing my arms over my chest with a smug grin as he still hissed in pain.

"You forget sometimes that you don't have human strength." He groaned, bringing his hands up to his face.
"But Bucky, they won't care on the battlefield." I teased him with his own words. He just stared up at me with the coldest look he had ever given me in the collection of cold looks I've received from him. I gulped and looked away from him, scratching my chin nervously. "S-so, I won?"
"Yeah, I guess." He muttered. "But you won't be able to do anything until you're off my lap."
"Sorry." I grumbled, getting up then holding an arm out for him. I helped him up, then we headed back inside, Bucky mumbling about going to shower first and change into something better. As he did so, I went to finally find something to eat. As much as I could betray the hurt in my heart, I couldn't do the same to my stomach.

Bucky's POV

Bucky had been quick to shower and change for Christina, feeling a small bit of excitement. The first positive feeling he'd had in years. He had moments when he'd spend time with girls at Ryan's bar, but they were never his type. Not his new self anyway. And then there was Christina. Alien, confused, emotional and incredibly strong Christina. She gave him something to look forward to in the morning. Even if all she did was complain at him, about him or about what was on the TV. Hr barely listened anyway. He just took in the sound of her voice. Or he watched her as her expressions morphed from amusement to horror in a split second.

And now he was watching her as she shaved off his growing stubble. He took in the way she stuck out her tongue with a look of deep concentration, a simple forming on her left cheek. He watched how some strands of hair fell loose from her messy bun and into her face but she didn't bother moving them. He took in her chocolate coloured eyes as they focused on his jaw, and he was close enough to see the pigments in them. And a part of him couldn't help but wonder why Steve would allow himself to do such a thing.

He couldn't remember him well, yes, but he had a feeling that the star spangled man didn't have it in him to cheat. He didn't have it in him to sleep around, if anything. And why to such a fragile and innocent soul. Bevause right now, he didn't see a fighting queen with wings. He saw a woman trying to hold herself together with a smile even though she was far from happy. He saw a very broken woman who had been through a lot and didn't know how to process her emotions. Why her?

"There, I'm done." Chris whispered.
"You didn't shave off my eyebrows, did you?" Bucky joked, his voice just as quiet.
"I didn't think you needed them." She joked back, smiling softly. There was a moment's silence as the two stared at each other for bit before Chris cleared her throat, straightening up.

"I need to trim your hair now, and you can call for pizza while I do so

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"I need to trim your hair now, and you can call for pizza while I do so." She said, putting the razor she was holding down on the bathroom sink, and then picking up a pair of scissors, snipping them in the air playfully.

Bucky couldn't help but smile, something else he'd been doing more often, more genuine. Whatever effect she had on Steve, it was now working its magic on him.

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