Fever Part 9

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16th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV..

The fever that she now has had decided to become full blown and it was going to be too dangerous to move her at the moment, especially when she was showing signs of being somewhat delirious.

I also knew that I needed more water than what we had available at the moment and after glancing up and out of the cave with the light beginning to wane, I saw that there wasn't any water for miles around.

Not that I could see or run out and grab for us anyway.

So I decided to make sure that what we had would be needed where it was to be used the most in getting us out. In other words, I'll give her some water, but not enough for what she will be needing.

The rest I'll have to keep for myself so I can get us out of here at first light in the morning and push on.

So in the meantime, I would keep her uncovered, allowing the cool breeze that was beginning to blow through the cave in the late afternoon to keep blowing over her skin.

Depite the coolness that it was bringing, I could see that it was causing her to be more restless and unsettled that she had been earlier.

So every couple of hours, I woke her for her to have a few sips of water, more or less to keep her mouth moist and every few hours more, I would have to bully her into eating something regardless of what it was.

It was after the first forced feeding that I decided to check on her wounds to see how they were.

The first few were as I was expecting, but the fourth one had a little sign around it letting me know that there was an infection setting in.

Giving it a little bit of a clean with the rubbing alcohol I had on hand, I then rebandaged it and started looking at the others leaving the worst one till last, her shoulder.

I had to take off the Tshirt I forced her to wear earlier and after undoing the sling I wrapped around her after slowly and carefully moving her from side to side a little, I was beginning to see as I unwrapped the sling that this wound was the one causing the fever.

It was angry looking, it was red and there was puss oozing out from some of the bite holes that had been previously stitched.

Damn it. I don't think I can wait till morning. This wound needs attention now and I am not able to provide it, not with the disabilty I have with the prosthetics to hinder it. It would need two fully functioning hands and I only have one.

Kneeling there with my head bowed trying to think of anything that would help, I couldn't think of anything except walking out in the dark.

I sighed in frustration knowing I didn't have much of a choice on what to do with this new development.

It wasn't the wild life or the dogs or even her brothers that were causing me some concern about that. It was that I had lost my night goggles and wouldn't be able to see where to put my artificial foot.

Just the slightest bit of uneven ground and both of us would be taking a tumble.

"But I don't know what else to do." I muttered feeling a bit defeated over this new development.

"Water fall." I heard the kid mutter very faintly.

"What? What did you say?" I leaned over to look into her face, surprised to see that her eyes were open even though they were glazed somewhat.

"Waterfall. In back of cave." She sort of was saying which had me looking at the back of the cave where I could see absolutely nothing there.

"There's no waterfall here, Kid." I said to her as I kept looking at the back in the darkened cave we were in. The fever was taking tight hold of her and she was becoming delirious imagining things that weren't there now.

" Lip. Lip." She was muttering as she fumbled around.

Then she surprised me again by rolling over and trying to get to her feet.

I have to say that this has got to be the first time that there was a women in front of me on her knees with her butt up and facing me as she wiggled it at me and I wasn't going to be reaching for it.. You know what I mean.

But she was trying to get to her feet and I guess since I am the only one here to help her, I should be the one she leans on.

Plus the kid seems to know alot more that I was expecting about the terrain anyway. So if she says there is something there, I'll just help her up and look for it.

So as we slowly stumbled our way to the back of the cave, after grabbing the torch along the way. I saw what she was meaning about a lip earlier. There was a thin lip covering a rocky outcrop along one side of the wall at the far back of the cave.

If you weren't looking for it, you certainly wouldn't see it at all. Even with a torch to help you. It was that well hidden.

But she obviously did and checked it out on one of her hide out days away from her family.

Aiming the torch I had switched on into the newer cave, I helped the kid to wiggle in through the gap before losing touch of her.

"Kid. Hey kid." I called her over and over again after losing sight of her.

After squeezing myself through the gap, just.. I swung the torch around and saw that the kid was hunched down on the ground not too far from my feet.

This cave was much more cooler that the outer one.

"Is this mountain range full of caves?" I asked her thinking of the many caves we have already seen, but only stopped in the ones that you wouldn't know are there. But she did, making me wonder just how long she has been camping out away from her brothers especially.

"Lots. Lot's and lots." She muttered as I helped her to her feet again and this time, I wrapped an arm around her making sure that she wouldn't fall again. At least i hoped she wouldn't.

"Over this way." She said as she lifted her arm and pointed in a northerly direction.

Swinging the torch around again, we slowly walked in the direction she indicated and before long, there was another lip that hid another cave which was a little wider than the one getting into this cave.

What was on the other side was a surpise to me.

There was a waterfall. Not a big one, but a waterfall none the less.

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