The day finally came.  It was Renesmee’s and Jacob’s first ever time on a plane.  I wanted to make it special for them, so we booked first class.  But they just fell asleep and slept the whole way to Rio.  It was night time, because we couldn’t be seen in the sunlight obviously.  We took 3 cabs to the docks.  Edward, Jake, Renesmee and I were in one, Carlisle, Esme, Charlie and Sue in another, then Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett in the last.

Charlie, Sue, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were being dropped off at the island.  Esme wanted to renovate the house, make it bigger since there were so many people staying in it at the one time.  She needed help, though, if she wanted it finished by a week and a half.

I expected Alice to go there too, but she insisted that she was coming to see Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri. She must have given Esme plans or something.  She couldn’t not be involved.

At the docks there were two small white speedboats.  One was smaller than the other, but it looked a bit faster.  We were going in the smaller one because Esme would need the bigger boat for supplies and things like that.

Charlie, Emmett, Esme, Rosalie and Sue clambered into the bigger boat with the luggage.  Charlie sat down and Sue did the same.  The others just stood.  It was comfortable either way for us.

I climbed into the bigger boat followed by Edward, Carlisle, Renesmee, Jacob, Alice and Jasper.  The boat could fit another 2 or 3 people in it without it being a squeeze, but more than that and it would have been short for space.

Jake and Renesmee were awake for the boat ride.  On their faces was the same wide grin that Edward had at any form of fast speed.  They were loving it and – I had to admit – it wasn’t so bad for me either. 

  Charlie and Sue had seen us in the sun before.  This is how he found out about vampires.  We were all outside enjoying one of the rare hot sunny days in Forks.  It was in October so it was unexpected.  Then suddenly Charlie and Sue appeared from no-where at the back door.  We hadn’t been paying attention or listening to the sounds around us as carefully and they had managed to sneak up on a family of vampires.  And unlike other times when he had said need to know, he demanded to know everything.  He was a bit shocked with the whole truth, but I was able to tell him about Renesmee’s fast growth, how I became one and things like that.

We set off first.  We were helping the others unload all of the luggage then set off to the Amazon.  Renesmee couldn’t wait.  Jacob was pretty excited too, because this made Renesmee really happy, and he loved to see her happy.

I was excited to see the island and I think Edward was too.  It had been so long.

When we got to the island I wasn’t sure if it was the right island.  It was triple the amount as beautiful as it had been when I was human.  I wish I had seen its proper beauty the first time.  It’s like seeing it all for the first time.  I must have been looking through mud the last time.

The way the moon sat at exactly 45 degrees on top of the ocean was stunning.  It took my breath away.  If I had a heart it would be thumping loudly in my chest.  But it was silent and calm, just like the ocean.  It was good that I didn’t have to breathe because it would have ruined the quietness of the night.  I took my shoes off.

We walked up the beach with the soft warm sand now much hotter under my feet.  The way the moon looked against the sand was amazing.  It was a lovely pale colour like our skin.  That was when we reached the house.

We opened the front door and walked through.  It was a cloudy memory but a very familiar room.  It felt like home.  I wanted Edward to carry me to the white room as fast as he possibly could, and then I would spend forever with him.  I wanted to stay here.  I could remember the look of terror on the small Portuguese woman – whose name I can’t remember – and I wanted to put her out of her misery.  Show her I’m still alive.  She had her own legends about the Cullens and she was raised to be more suspicious.  She thought that Edward had brought me here a year and a half ago to kill me.  Which he would never do. 

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