21. shall we dance

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" You should have choosen this words and tone before. Now you are not talkin to him and i dont want another word " he said intimidating me with his scary eyes and i resigned there only.

" what was that? " i ask him gesturin towards natalie who was dancing with some boys. He gaves me one of his look sayin you are not allowed to ask questions

" tell me comon? What's up with you and Natalie. Some days ago she told me to stay away from chris and that day....um when....dat day? " i stumbled upon the words not knowin how to frame it. He chuckles which confirm that he understood which day.

"  she wanted to host this party but i had already assigned someone else. Eventually she made me agree for it and you can guess how " he winks at me and My eyebrows furrow in confusion

Made me agree

My eyes went wide as realization hit me. " what....just for hosting one party "

She really is an attention seeker

" yup "

Fortunately his drinking speed has slowed down. I should keep blabbering more but about what.

" have you never been in love alex? " i ask him fidgeting with the glass. I don't know what question will set him off.

He laughs and i relax a bit " I dont need love...i just want girls and i get them " he replies simply but the look in his eyes tell me he is craving for love.

" Everyone needs love alex. Girls can only be with you either for money or your looks. Don't you want to get loved by someone. Someone who truly cares about you...who devotes her entire life for you. Who misses you with her every heartbeat " I start imagining such life with chris

"  you think im hot? " he said moving his chair closer to mine

" you got only that part from my entire speech? "

" yes you are " i reply honestly and he smirks " but "

" but? " he gives me a glare and i think to gulp my words. I dont want to tell him that he is a devil in disguise of a human. That he is a monster. That he has no respect for anyone. " well...I must say you are looking like "




He swallowed his word and moved his chair more further and leaned towards my ear and said " an angel in white. Sexy and hot and cute too. I'm surprised"

I almost scoffed

Ok that was definitely not I expected him to say but why is he surprise. What he hadn't thought I could look pretty if I tried. I think he's drunk because he drank half of the bottle.

" um. Thank you " I shifted uncomfortable by his gaze. " if i was looking nice then why did you react so harshly with me just for a dress "

" because i want what i want. And i told you it should happen so it should have " well i dont have any answer for his sick mind.

I moved backwards and gave him a smile. I just want a compliment from chris. He was just staring at me and when i thought to excuse myself he held my wrist and forced me to sit there quietly. I was feeling so awkward now. Someone help me.

"What about nina? You told me you loved her. " i continue to talk again. The memory of the day he blackmailed me comes running in my mind and i start sweating.

"I lied. I just wanted to have a one nit stand with her " he said simply and i choked on my drink badly. Once i found my breath again i gave him a disgusted look.

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