Chapter 5.

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Published 16 th September 2016.

Shravan's POV.

All the muscles of my body seemed to be concentrated, knotted in a bunch on my shoulder, where she had placed her hand.

My heart beat rate had gone wild. I could almost hear it over the noisy din of the bike as it seemed to thump through my ears!

Kharr . kharr . kharr.

But- why is it going Kharr Kharr and not lub.dub lub.dub- the way it should?

A movement caught my eye, where Sumo's hand was resting on my left shoulder. I half turned trying to glance at the object  while still maintaining my view on the road ahead. 

A polythene carry bag??

That is what making that weird sound and not my heart!

"Sumo! Remove this packet from near my ear!" I shouted over the sound of the motor.





What is wrong with her?

I stopped the bike at a side on the road and turned in my seat.


She nodded her head.

"Sumo! Why are you not responding? Remove this packet from near my ear." I said pointing towards the offending packet with a finger

She nodded again, not removing her hand from my shoulder.

Why does she need to keep her hand still on my shoulder when the bike is not moving?

I looked at her as she kept nodding her head at me.

Is she okay? Is the helmet stuck? I think to myself beginning to feel worried.  

Supposing she is in pain?

"Sumo? Is the helmet stuck?"

She nodded her head vigorously few times and then started swaying it from side to side.

Oh no!

How did this happen? Damn Pushkar! He must have given her an old one that may have been defective.

She muttered something. I could not make out what as her voice was muffled.

"Hold on Sumo." I said softly as I tried to gently remove the helmet. She must be in pain. Maybe her neck was twisted. She kept shaking her head. "Two minutes Sumo. Hold on. Okay? It will be alright dear."

I removed her hand from where it was still there on my shoulder and kept it on her lap. I got down and slowly, very slowly removed the helmet. Luckily it came off easily.

"There! It is out now." I said smiling in relief.

"Papa don't preach." Sumo said in a sing song voice and nodded her head again her eyes shut tight


That is when I saw it. My blood boiled immediately.

I reached out and pulled at the wires.

"SUMO!" I thundered.

"Yooow eowww aaaooooo-" she yelped obviously startled.

She opened her eyes and gave me a bewildered look.

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