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I can't say I know exactly what this "Event" was for but I was enjoying myself. My mom seemed to be too as well as we were having great conversations. Everyone around the house was dancing to the smooth music and talking. Some were even complimenting me on the food which I had no idea they knew I even prepared it.

"So how's dad?" I asked my mom as we stood near my bosses beautiful double Windows In the semi crowded living room.

"No response yet." She mumbled while sipping her wine. She couldn't look me in the eye and it scared me to know she was scared about this.

I put my hand on shoulder and she looked at me with sad eyes. "He will pull through mom." I forced a smile and so did she. We were both scared out of our minds, acoma was no joke but you never knew when a person would come out of it. But I had to a least try to put some hope in my moms heart.

"I've been very stern with these bosses of yours about you working here." My eyeBrows  raised as she continued. I was surprised she spoke to them against me working here considering how excited she was when she found out they wanted to hire me.

"I don't know what kind of mother they think I am letting my daughter live with two men as a job. Maybe yesterday they thought it was peeches and cream but I'm serious Violet, I don't know about this." She finished with a stern look and I sighed.

"I completely understand where your coming from mom." I put my hands on her shoulders for comfort. "But I will be fine, they are completely professional with me and there's always events going on here and always things going on so I doubt I'll rarely ever be here with just them. It is a job mom." i pointed out.

"Mrs. Demont."
My mom and I both looked over to see Damon and Damien approaching us but they wouldn't dare look at me. I was startled, I was hoping they didn't hear anything we were saying because they would know my mom was right. They weren't all the way appropriate with me or 100% professional. I have Seen several red flags telling me not to work here but I couldn't turn down this kind of opportunity. I needed the money, especially because of my life situation at the moment.

"I have to compliment you for creating a daughter who can make a simple meal taste like an expensive one."
Damien smiled and my mom blushed and smiled at me. "My greatest creation." She stated proudly and  I blushed.

"We just wanted to let you both know that this event was a success, it was all about raising money for a few charities in the City and we made more then enough money tonight." Damon informed us in a more bemused way. I could tell he had something on on his mind and it seemed as though he'd rather be anywhere but here right now.

My moms eyes slightly widened.  "That's amazing, it's great to know you two have so much influence and power to make people do the right thing."

Damien smiled. "Thank you Mrs. demont."

Damon immediately cut in.
"We also came to tell you Violet that you are hired. But you can't work here full time until your 18. I'm sure your mother would be more comfortable with that and It would be against the law to let you stay here overnight again and work for us as you are under age." He said it like he was making fun of me and I frowned.

Was I under age when you got hard -
Never mind. I wasn't going to say anything or give them a reaction.

"That's understandable." I put on a fake smile for them. 

"Oh honey I'm so glad you got the job." Mom cheered while I just stared at them.
I felt like they were up to something, I don't know.

As the night went on, the party died down and everyone left little by little. I offered to help Damien and Damon clean up but they insisted that I leave. Well Damon insisted.

"We got this you two can go get some rest." Damon smiled at my mother.

Damien walked us to the door while Damon watched me. I rolled my eyes before turning away while Damien opened the door for us.

"Why is Damon acting so weird?" I whispered to Damien. He sighed then looked at me with a straight face as we walked to moms car.

"I think you know why."

I frowned because no, I didn't no why. Before I could
Ask what the hell he was talking about my mom began talking again.

"It was so nice meeting you I had a great time."

"It was our pleasure Mrs.Demont, you are always welcome here." He walked around to moms side and shut her door for her. Mom waves goodbye to him as we pulled away. He and i held eye contact until we drove away.

The funny thing is I didn't hear from them until a month later. The morning of my birthday to be exact. I got a phone call from Damien saying I'm under contract with them and since I am now 18 years old, they needed me to move in.

I'm not going to lie, I was very happy to hear that.


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