14. Burning traces

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"We know what happened." He said, switching his attention between the two of us. "Goldie you saw everything, am I correct?" I let out a quivering sigh before nodding, tears already welling up in my eyes.

"The ministry can't know about this." I furrowed my eyebrows, confused about what that meant. "Narcissa has agreed to bring the body to us, so he can be buried." I closed my eyes while tears started to roll again. Rune quickly grabbed my hand, squeezing it for support.

"This all is a part of a bigger picture. I have no choice but to ask you to not tell anyone how and where or by who Samuel was killed." "You are kidding right?" Rune snapped, tears welling up in his eyes now as well.

"I'm sorry Mr. Dove but I'm afraid that I'm not kidding at all." "People should know how father died, saving Goldie and standing up to Voldemort!" I flinched a little, now that the name had gotten a face and a horrific memory.

"Draco Malfoy is a student on the school as well. He has seen everything and more, he has an important task to fulfil and when word gets out, he'll be in life danger." "So what? That's not our problem."

Dumbledore sighed before twisting his beard between his fingers. "Tell and invite the ones you trust. I am giving you two a huge responsibly to not get this the talk of the school. We will take care of everything else."

I sighed again, a huge head ache already coming up. "My condolences to you two. I informed the Weasley family this morning. They are the only ones who know just a tiny bit but I suggest to not tell anything more. They will take good care of you for the rest of the week."

Rune's eyes lit up while I held my face into my hands. I know he'd tell the trio and all I wanted was to be alone with father's lingering presence. "Grab your belongings, we leave in ten minutes." As soon as he spoke those words, I shot up from the table and hurried up the stairs.

I tried to quiet down my sobs while I grabbed my trunk, throwing in my robes, books and other necessity's before taking a last look at my room. It was incredibly messy as always but the thought of maybe never coming here again, made me weak.

I walked past our wall filled with pictures and I quickly grabbed my favourite ones, mostly with father on them. I carefully placed them in my trunk before dragging it down the stairs, my puffy eyes troubling my vision.

When I carefully reached the last step, I dragged my trunk to the hall and quickly went back, taking one last glance at the place. I could hear Rune come down the stairs and without thinking twice I slid father's sweater over my head, protecting me from the cold winter weather outside.

Rune didn't even notice while we followed Dumbledore outside. There was no car or anything and when he grabbed our hands, I knew what was coming. I held my breath and a second later the same exploding feeling entered my scalp.

I squinted my eyes shut but that didn't help them hurt less. I could hear Rune grunt loudly when the turning finally stopped, we must have apparated far. The flash was less intense than last time but when I looked over at Rune, he looked almost blinded and green.

"Jeez." He mumbled, holding his stomach. A second later I realised Dumbledore wasn't even here with us. When Rune got himself together I looked around and noticed that we were standing in front of a, eh, house? It looked like a couple of tiny houses that were messily stacked upon each other.

"The burrow." Rune mumbled and managed to have a tiny smile dancing on his lips. "You know this place?" "I've heard them talking about it." He said before grabbing his trunk and dragging it through the damp grass, towards the door.

I quickly followed, looking around the huge field of grass. I could already imagine the Weasley family playing Quidditch here when the weather would get nicer. Before Rune could knock on the door a short woman with bright red curly hair gave us a big smile.

"The Dove twins! Welcome!" I was expecting her to just let us pass but in a second she had her arms wrapped around us both, giving us the warmest, motherly hug I had ever had. Tears immediately started to well up in my eyes.

"I'm Molly Weasley and that is Arthur, my husb-" She stopped talking when she noticed me wiping away tears. "What's wrong?" She quickly grabbed my shoulders, making me smile. "I just missed a hug like that." I said, smiling through my tears.

Molly smiled kindly before hurrying us inside. We were greeted by everyone in their pyjama's. There was no smile to be found. I suspected that Molly had told everyone, because Hermione almost immediately walked over to me for another hug.

I sighed before pulling away, giving her a nod. Suddenly two figures I didn't recognize walked into the room as well. A very tall and in scars covered male and a woman by his side, her hair a bright purple. The scars suited him very well, he was gorgeous.

He walked forward before offering his hand. "Remus Lupin." I softly grabbed his hand, shaking it for a second before the woman came forward as well, introducing herself. "Nymphadora Tonks." "Goldie, nice name." She raised her eyebrows before thanking me while stepping back.

"Let's get you settled then, Rune? You can sleep with Ron and Harry. Goldie, there's still some space with Hermione and Ginny." I nodded without a sound while following Hermione and Ginny up the stairs. I had seen Ginny before but we never officially met.

When my trunk was inside of the room and I took a seat on my bed, I looked at the fierce red head. "I'm Goldie." "Ginny." She smiled at me before grabbing her robe, probably to take a shower. That left Hermione and I alone and it was an awkward silence.

We didn't know what to say to each other but what I did know was that she wanted to know, she was curious and I didn't blame her. I sighed while opening up my trunk, grabbing some comfy clothes. Hermione's eyes where following my every step and it made me feel to say the least, uneasy.

"I was at Malfoy Manor, Draco tried to help me and didn't help Voldemort, probably to your surprise. He even took me home after I was marked, which did not succeed entirely." I wasn't facing her so it was easier to just spill, without facing her horrified face.

"And yes, I watched my father die." I added while turning around, bravely looking her into her eyes but my own tears betrayed me. Her dark eyes where widened and she didn't say a word. I clenched my jaw, balding my fists around my clothes.

"So now you know." With that I escaped the suffocating air and quickly found an empty room to change in. Just when I was about to enter the bedroom again, I heard a bang and screaming. I widened my eyes and saw Hermione almost run to the hall.

"What happened?" She asked and I quickly mumbled a "I don't know" before we both ran down the stairs, following the sound of people shouting and screaming. I ran outside and watched Harry and Ginny basically run through fire, followed by Arthur, Nymphadora and Remus.

"Oh my god." I cried out, holding my hands to my mouth. I saw two black stripes of clouds shoot through the sky and immediately I got shivers. Before I could entirely realise what was happening, my arm started to burn.

"W-what." I hissed, ripping the bandages off while Ron looked at me with a concerned face. "What's happening?" He asked, almost pulling my arm in his sight so he could see what was going on. Finally, I managed to get the bandage off and the quarter of the dark mark was moving and it was excruciating.

"You're a death eater?" He almost yelled making me scream. "No!" I yelled at the loudest volume possible. "They said it would fade!" I held my arm tightly, wobbling on my legs. The pain went to my head, making me dizzy.

"Ron." I mumbled feeling as if I was about to pass out. He was hesitant but when I almost fell, he quickly grabbed me. He was cussing under his breath while trying to softly put me on the ground. My breaths became heavier while I tried to keep myself from going unconscious.

"It hurts really bad." I started to cry, blurring my vision. Suddenly an ever louder bang, it almost sounded like an huge explosion, caused us both to flinch. I watched the two black stripes bash through the burrow, completely setting it on fire.

"Oh my god. R-Ron. I'm so sorry." I tried to say but my words came out slurred and with the view of the burrow burning I could feel my vision disappear and a heavy weight push on my head. "R-Ron." I mumbled before I could feel my head drop, everything going entirely black within seconds.

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