Chapter 21

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Hey guys here a picture of Erin's dad, Lucius. Hope you guys enjoy the chapter! Let me know know how it's going, if you're enjoying it.

Two weeks later.

Arlo's POV

It honestly feels like I'm fucking dying. My entire body was immensely in pain. Everything fucking hurts. I can't move without hurting. I can't breath without hurting. I'm a the fucking point where my breathing is no longer breathing. I'm wheezing, and even that shit hurts.

Laying on my back only makes it harder for me to get the little breaths I could take in. I've been sitting up right against the wall for some time now. It's a constant struggle to keep my eyes open, but soon enough the pain takes over that as well.

I can't even begin to explain how hungry I am right now, it's insane. It honestly feels like my insides are eating each other. I feel so empty. I'm waaay passed discomfort. My stomachs growling every damn five seconds, and the only thing I can think of is blood.

I'm in hell.

I have no idea how long I've been down here, but It feels like it's been forever. I don't even know what fucking day were on. The pains gotten so bad that all I do is try and sleep it off, but even then the hunger jolts me awake from time to time.

The only thing I looked forward to was hearing Erin's voice. It was the only thing that was probably keeping me sane, but even that stopped coming around.

When she did come down she wouldn't stay long. She'd just come down to say hi, tell me about her day, and said she had to go. Maybe she's finally given up on me after what i almost put her through.

God, how I missed seeing her beautiful face.

I heard a soft clank come from a distance, but I honestly felt so disoriented that I paid it no mind. I figured it was just my head trying to play tricks on me. Then I picked up on what seemed to be, footsteps?

Shortly after the footsteps, came another clank, but it was louder this time. It almost sounded as if someone was unbolting a door.

Actually that's precisely what it sounded like, I then heard what I could only assume was the door being opened. However, I didn't have the energy in me to peer my eyes open, and check if my assumptions were correct.

Soon enough I heard a deep voice mumble from across the room. "Holy shit" then the footsteps coming closer towards my way.

"Arlo?" The voice cooed. It sounded really close this time, almost as if it was right next to me. I must be going crazy, there's no way in hell someone was in here. I then felt something gently tap me on the face. "Arlo can you hear me?" 


I could've swore that I had replied verbally, but apparently it was all in my head when he continued to talk.

"Come on buddy, if you can hear me I need you to open your eyes."

I attempted to lift my eyelids, but they honestly felt so heavy, almost as if they were glued shut. The closes thing I could get to doing, was turn my head slightly.

"Come on Arlo, I need you to open your eyes."

I'm fucking trying!

The voice had a more serious authority in it then it did a few seconds ago. After a few more attempts of trying, i slowly peered my eyes opened, not all the way though. I couldn't get passed more then half ways, I was struggling let alone to keep them that open right now.  It wasn't enough to make out who was in the room with me though, all I could see was a blurry fuzzy figure crouching down besides me.

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