Chapter 1

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Dan Howell, also known on the internet as danisnotonfire , walked thro the damp cold streets of London back to his roommate Phil Lester ,also known on the internet as amazingphil. Every so often he would check his hair,mostly his fringe, in passing car window, house windows and puddles as the rain poured down. His thoughts going through his mind not able to focus on a single thing.

Moments later Dan returns back to the apartment and is greeted by an over enthusiastic Phil Lester.
"You're in a good mood," Dan smiled as he walked in. Dan took off his coat, which was soaked in water , and his shoes which happened to be soaked as well. Phil just smiled at his roommate. As usual Phil's smile light up the dimmed lighted room.
"Now your scarring me Phil, why you in such a good mood," Dan asked only joking about the scarring part.
"Glad you asked Daniel Howell, I just happy your home safe. You know on the streets of London anything could happen," Phil's smile grew as he ran over to hug his friend. Dan just smiled and hugged him back before going to his sofa crease.

Hours past with Dan on the internet scrolling through some sort of social media and Phil doing the same.
"Hey, Dan?" Phil said the first thing in hours.

"yeah?" Dan takes his eyes away from the computer screen and glances over at Phil.

"what time is it?" Phil responds now looking at Dan with eye contact.

"It's on your laptop Phil," Dan murmurs back to his friend.

" I meant date."

"Also on your laptop," Dan silently chuckles to himself.

"Oh yeah!" Phil smiles and turns back to his laptop. "Hey, why don't we do a live, but together.Please Dan!" Phil's blue eye turned back to Dan's  brown eyes and glistened as he waited patiently for an answer from his friend across the sofa.

Dan shakes his head slowly and sighs "I'm sorry Phil but it's 2:35am and I doubt anyone would watch as what time it is." Dan sighs again before shutting off is laptop and standing up.

"What about tomorrow?" Phil questions with hope in his eyes but again Dan turns him down with a sigh and a shake of his head

"we have lives, mainly on the internet but other people have lives as well and they would be doing other things that normal humans do,"

"But  normalness leads to sadness." Phils voice had a slight hint of sadness in as dan turned for the door to walk out

"I'm sorry Phil," Dan sighs once more and exits the room where Phil is just left alone with his laptop screen on. he turns to shut it down and exits the room as well. Phil heads to his room in the apartment and sits on his bed with a sigh. thought whizzing thru his head like 'something is up with dan but what' and 'what's wrong with Dan' Phil sighs once more before laying on his bed and closing his eyes to sleep.

Later that night Dan is awoke by a nightmare and struggles getting back to sleep. His first instinct his to go and sleep somewhere else so that is what he does. Dan tiredly pulls himself from his bed and walks across the corridor to Phil's room. He doesn't bother knocking as he doesn't want to wake his sleeping friend, but as he enters he can see that Phil's eyes are open.

"Nightmare?" they both ask on another at the same time then they both laugh. Phil sits up and invites him to join him on his bed. Dan does that. They both end up falling asleep ,in Phil's bed, facing each other. Dan with a neutral face. Phil with a smile plastered on his face.

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