Very Important Note!

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Sorry!!! This isn't an update! I know, I know... Hopefully soon!!!!

Okay, so. School has started again in the UK, both me and Charlotte are in Year 9, the middle of our Highschool education! Which also means lots of homework and something called GCSE's in year 10 and 11.

If your not from the land of Tea and Crumpets, GCSE's are the big exams that determine what grades you get, what College and University you can go to etc, Its hard to explain, but Google should help and Dan Howell's video might too.

This also means we will be stacked with homework and studying, because me and Charlotte are in Year 9 (ages 13-14), we could start doing GCSE's next year or the year after, we are already doing practice questions and tests.

It may take a while for us to put chapters up, to update etc. Charlotte is updating more obviously because this book is currently on a break. Anyways, if you find anything confusing in the story, dm us and we can explain it then. (:

Sorry for the delay on the books, we hope you understand D:

~Emilee xx
(Chapter was written by Charlotte for her book but altered by Emilee for this book).

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