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Here's my second story. Hope you'll like it. 


Chapter 1 – The Courtney Collins 

“Hello beautiful, looking good as always. With that long dark brown wavy hair, tantalizing blue eyes, perfectly shaped nose and those soft pinkish lips, no wonder all the guys have gone gaga over you, you’re such a darling.” I said while standing in front of the mirror.

Yes, I was talking to myself.

I was getting ready for the first day of my senior year. I’m about to graduate in a few months and that made me really excited. Being a senior means you reign, although I couldn’t care less because I’m already ruling the school since I was a freshman. Still, I'll make sure that I’ll graduate and of course be the Prom Queen.

What’s the point of being the ruler if you don’t get the official title of being a queen, right? That’s why I have to make sure that this year will be a smooth one for me.

Last school year was very tough. I barely made it. But luckily, thanks to my over flowing charm, I was able to pass all my subjects with the help of a student assistant or what I call a stupid errand boy, who stole the test papers for me. In exchange, I told him that I’d be his girlfriend.

The dumb geek agreed, thinking that I’ll literally date him. As if! There is no way that The Courtney Collins will be seen hanging out with unpopular, low class and nerds. That is a total social suicide! They can look afar but they can’t be seen near me.

I actually don’t know what happened to that nerd after he gave me the papers. I just told him that the deal is off since I already have a super hot boyfriend.

Troy Perry, the quarterback, whom I’ve been dating for more than a year now. He’s very popular and my counterpart in the male species. He’s almost perfect just like me. We suited each other because we’re both good looking, cool and classy.

We’re branded as the Golden Couple of the century. Everyone expects us to be the next Prom Queen and Prom King, no one deserves that title except for us. What do you expect?

I am in fact, The Courtney Collins.

Everyone is watching my every move. From the clothes I wear, to the food I eat. It’s like I’m always setting a new trend. They expect highly on me. I don’t know maybe because they all wanted to be me. Pretty and can have everything in a snap of a finger, who wouldn’t want that?

My father is a business tycoon. I’m not familiar with what kind of business he’s running but I can assure that it’s legal. Because of the many branches he’s managing, he’s always out of the country. I barely saw him nor be with him in special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday. But he promised that he’ll attend my graduation ceremony, so that’s one of the reasons why I want to graduate to bad.

I miss him so much.

He’s the only family I have.

My mother died when I was three. I barely have a memory of her. I can’t even remember what she looks like. All I have is a picture of her cuddling me. They always say that I look exactly just like her. As I grew older, it’s becoming evident. We really do look alike.

I immediately dismiss the saddening thought the moment I felt the waters forming in my eyes. Instead, I took a last glanced at the mirror and examined myself.

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