Exhausted Part 8

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15th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

We stayed as we were in the ditch for another hour without moving just in case the others were still in the area.

I was very surprised that the kid just hunkered down again and dropped off for another nap while we waited.

Grabbing hold of her arm lightly and giving it a little squeeze was just enough for her to open her eyes and look at me only blinking a couple of times to remind her where we were.

"We're leaving shortly." I quietly murmurred to her as I slowly gathered all our stuff together again and get it ready for our next leg of our walk.

"Okay." Was all she said as she lay there watching what I was doing.

She didn't look at me with curiosity when she noticed my prosthetic hand. She didn't shy away from it either and I have to say that I was very surprised at how much she actually trusts me with everything, especially her life.

Then I carefullt wiggled myself about until I was out from under the brush, still being very careful about what could be around us.

I wiggled my fingers at the kid who then began to wiggle herself about out from our hiding place as well. It was a little bit more difficult for her with only one arm being able to be used and then there were the wounds she had that I could tell were being painful for her.

Then after wrapping the opened sleeping bag around her shoulders and tying it onto her, I then had her back on my back again where I was now piggy backing her again.

I think we must have been walking for a while before I remembered the handgun that I had passed across to her.

"The gun." I mentioned to her over my shoulder.

" It's in your sock, the one on your prosthetic foot. I'm sorry I didn't mention it earlier. I forgot." She whispered back at me while she lay her head down onto my shoulder for what I think is another nap again.

I don't know why I was so surprised that she knew about the artifical limb when I shouldn't have been. But I was.

Anyway, I kept up a steady pace and it was when I noticed that there was afternoon sun shining through the trees that I thought to look for somewhere to stop for a few minutes.

It was another ten minutes more before I felt the kid lift her head from the rear of my shoulder to look around before giving a grunt of sorts.

"Half a mile up ahead is another overhang we can stop at." She said to me in a drowsy voice which just had me shaking my head with a smile. I should just ask her for directions.

"Same direction?" I asked her again as I glanced back at her noticing that she looked so exhausted to me.

She just grunted as she snuggled back onto my shoulder.

Giving a little jostle making it more comfortable for myself at the moment, I realised that we might be having another night in a cave before meeting up with my team again.

Twenty five minutes later, I felt a tap on my left side near my hip. I thought it was a jostle of her leg. But it happened again. Definitely a tap, a double tap that told me she was telling me something.

I stopped and looked over my shoulder at her. Her sleepy eyes were blinking, but she managed to tell me with a jutt of her chin along with another grunt that we should head to our left now.

So turning slightly to our left, I started walking again to notice that there was a bit of a hill coming up that had some sheer rock walls around it. I guess the kid knows where another cave is and sure enough, fifteen minutes later, I was standing at the base when the kid started to wiggle again, using her good arm to push at me.

"I need a pee." I heard her mutter.

Shaking my head again, I wiggled and jostled her until she slid off my back after untying the rope that kept her strapped to my back.

She still kept hold of my as she got her balance and I noticed that she had a bit of a flushed face about her which told me that she was probably getting a nasty fever.

But it didn't stop her from looking around and a moment later I was watching her beginning to scramble up a few rocks at one side and a moment later, she disappeared which had me gasping in shock since it happened so quickly.

A moment later, I saw her head pop out over another rock hand some fifty feet further up and then she gave me a little wave.

So seeing where she climbed, I made my way over there and followed in her footsteps climbing to the same place I saw her vanish and if it wasn't for the fingers waving at my feet that i wouldn't have known where the damn kid had went.

Lowering myself to the ground, I noticed that under a lip of rock was a gap that looked like it was just big enough for me to squeeze myself through.

So after pushing through the gear that I shrugged off my back and seeing a little hand pull it into the hole, I then lay flat on my stomack and begin to wiggle my way through the gap towards this kid who seems to know everything about this place.

I had to stay on my stomach for a good ten feet or more before I saw a pair of naked feet appear in front of me.

After a few more wiggles, I saw that I was in another cave of sorts with a fair bit of natural light to see that this cave was plenty big enough to be comfortable in.

"I already went and had a pee. You can have one too. Over there." She was saying as she swayed on her feet as she pointed as well in one direction that was away from us.

"You are a bit of an explorer, aren't you?" I muttered as I managed to get to my feet and brush the dirt off my clothes before taking stock of this new cavern she found for us.

" I have to be." She said in a tired voice.

Turning my attention back to her, I saw that she was dragging everything a little way back into the cave and setting the camp up.

Well, she tried to anyway. She grabbed the sleeping bag and laid it out on a flat little area and after putting everythign else to the side, she curled up on the bag again and nodded off.

The kid was more exhausted than I thought. That, and she was burning up with a fever too no doubt. I had some antibiotics with me for emergencies and I guess this is an emergency.

So walking over to my pack, I opened one side zipper and pulled out a small black case and opened it to see that I had three syringes and half a dozen small viles of medication available.

Time to use one.

"Kid. I have to give you some antibiotics. Kid.." I said as I lightly shook her good arm.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me before glancing down at the case I had in my hand and noticed that there was needles and vials. She just nodded her ehad and closed her eyes again so I quickly pulled out one of the vilas, checked to make sure it was an antibiotic and then put together the syringe.

Seeing how she was curled up, I decided to swab an area on her thigh up near her hip and after a moments hesitation, I jabbed the needle in and squeezed down the syringe and hoped it would be enough to help her for now. I'll give her another one in several hours.

I didn't know that several hours later, we were still in that cave.

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