Chapter 62: White Hot

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I am an idiot.

I am the biggest moron in the world and my beast agreed. He knew this whole time and I was too damn stubborn to listen to him. It was like a light switch. That moment I had my uncle's teeth against my mouth it was like someone flickered it on; someone turned it on and revived the things I thought were long dead with a bolt of energy.

It was like the final kick in the ass I needed.

An energy that wouldn't stop; an energy that I had felt a long time ago but now it was so much strong. It had been let out and I wasn't putting it back in its box. It was here to stay. My beast agreed; the whole time during that damn meeting he either wanted our female or wanted the necks of the ones sitting in front of us, the ones who were failing as our leaders.

Right now he was sitting smugly in the back of my mind, happy about the fight we just had. I sighed and nodded with him; he chuckled a little and nudged me forward, now that this was over, all he wanted was Thomas' throat and our mate.

They weren't our leaders. Charlotte was right. She was right the whole time and I let her get hurt; I hurt her, and I was going to spend the rest of our lives trying to make it up to her. She may be a stubborn Thorne, but she's my stubborn Thorne and she was the only reason that light was poured into my darkness. My sunshine.

Levi looked at me as we walked back to her cabin. My beast was restless; he wanted his female. Our mate that took quite the damn shredding for a pack member she should have just let die. I knew why she did it. I knew before she told me, I just wanted her to confirm what I thought. What I felt. What I feel now.

She is life; she gives me life, and she brought me back to life. The day she walked into my life she started breath it back into me; never quitting on my stubborn ass when she had plenty of chances to do it.

I let out a hot breath and wiped some blood off my arm that was leaking from a bite. Levi chuckled and assessed at my arm for a bit. He was one tough ass wolf; he was tough and annoying as hell, but he loved her and he loved us. He did what someone should have done a long time ago; for that, I love my uncle like I always had.

We got to the house and with each step I took it was like I was stepping out of an old skin and into a new one. I wonder if this is how my dad or Levi felt? I wondered what my dad would think, or what Eli would think?

"I need to check on her first," I said over my shoulder to Levi who nodded approvingly.

My beast was anxious as we walked into the cabin; we paid no mind to the other people there we just walked straight back to her room where Evangeline was sitting with her. Two future lunas in one room, who would have ever thought?

My sister's eyes grew wide as she saw me, but when she did she smiled as the realization came to her. She held a finger to her lips as she quietly walked to me and walked into a hug. "I'm proud of you brother."

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