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I was angry with Austin. He has suddenly ditched me for his friends. He doesn't give me a call or anything, he just makes me wait for him at school like a stupid girl. I was always waiting for him at school and I had to walk instead like always. I arrived home in such a bad mood. I haven't left my room or gotten up from bed since then maybe I'm overreacting, I probably don't give him enough guy time but that doesn't give him a reason to just do that. I got up and walked down stair to make myself food since I was starving and I would pass out any moment by now.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out the ham and walked to the shelf where the bread was. I got the bread and I put it on the counter with the ham. I was making my sandwich when I was interrupted. My doorbell rang, I went to go open it. I was frustrated because I was hungry. I opened it and it was Austin. Great, just the last person I wanted to see.

"Babe I'm sorry I didn't pick you up I just -" Austin said quickly, running out of breath. I was still upset but I was sorta happy he had came to apologize.

"Yeah I know you're sorry, but you always ditch me and I'm tired of that. If you're gonna be my boyfriend, act like one. We've been together for months. This isn't you" I ranted to him. 

"Can I come in please, let me explain" Austin said giving me that look, I could never say no to that face.

"Come in" I said letting a sigh after.

He stepped inside and he just stood there, I could see the guilt in his his eyes. Before I could even blink, he came to me and hugged me tightly as if he didn't wanna let go, but to be honest, I didn't either. I wanted to be in his arms. I wanted to feel his arms wrap around me. I felt his breath hit my neck. The amazing feeling, this was our way of trying to forgive each other.

"I'm sorry baby, I know I'm being a stupid jerk but please forgive me. I don't really have an explanation for my actions, but I'm really sorry babe. I'm the worst boyfriend ever, but I'm gonna make it up to you" he said leaving small kisses on my neck.

The feeling I felt was too much but it felt nice. He started kissing behind my ear back to my neck to my cheek inching closer to my mouth. He was gave me a small kiss on the end of my mouth. He was teasing me. I moaned, I hated being teased and he knew that. He finally kissed me with so much passion. I could feel the love and need.

He started to unbutton my shirt, never breaking our kiss. I want him, I wanted more. I needed his love. He threw my shirt and he help put his hands on my waist messing with the strings of my sweats.

"Jump baby" he said said not breaking the kiss. I jumped a little and he put my legs around his waist, he was carrying me upstairs while I ran my finger into his hair knowing he loved when I did that. He moaned. When he arrived to my room, he kicked the door shut with his foot. He walked to the bed and laid me there. He broke the kiss, I got up a little to take off his shirt. I was out of breath.  I took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. I was undoing his pants and he climbed on top of me. He pulled my pants off. He kisses me with so much passion, our lips moved perfectly with each other. I moaned into the kiss.

I broke the kiss and took off his pants, leaving him in his boxers and he groaned, he was very impatient. He was kissing my neck doing down to my breast, leaving kisses there. I moaned at the amazing feeling it felt. I lifted my back a little, he took off my bra before I could do anything. He touched me all over and I couldn't take it I reached and took off his boxer, I kissed him hard. We wanted this moment more than ever.

He reached to my underwear and pulled it down slowly. I moaned feeling the cool air hit down there. He positioned himself and then entered me. We both moaned at the feeling. This wasn't our first time, but it's been a time since we had sex. He started moving in me.

"A-Austin faster" I said moaning.

He went faster and his hands were on each of my sides. The amount of pleasure we were in was indescribable. I felt in heaven. I wanted more. He was moaning too. I was thankful for my mom had gone to work. 

"F-Faster Austin" I screamed in pure pleasure.

"You're so beautiful baby, I'm sorry I was being an asshole." he said going faster and hard. I screamed at the feeling.

"oh god baby you feel so damn good" Austin said groaning.

I was close and so was Austin. Our bodies moved in such rhythm. Austin was going in and out of me entering fast. I kissed him and he knew that it was his cue to do what he was doing. Austin slammed into me and I couldn't take it anymore. I released all over him and his liquid went in me. He collapsed next to me. We were breathing hard. He nuzzled into my neck and we cuddled tried regaining our breathing. 

"I love you baby. I'm sorry for everything" he said.

"I love you more. I forgive you" I said kissing him. Going into deep sleep since I was exhausted.


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