She's In Love With A Geek

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Miss Perfect, Courtney Collins, has everything a teenage girl could ever wish for. She has the Pretty Face, Perfect Figure, Popularity, Fortune, Friends who follow her every command and a Super Hot Boyfriend who’s madly in love with her.

Ultimate Geek, Chad Treyson, is a typical teenage boy who only wish for a peaceful senior year. He is the Smart Guy with goofy eyeglasses, wears lousy shirts, grade conscious, living a normal lifestyle, a musician and a certified bookworm.

Put the two together and set a game.

A game of love. Who fell in love first will lose. 

If Miss Perfect falls for the Ultimate Geek, is she willing to leave her spotlight just to be with him? 

And if Chad falls for Courtney, is he ready to deal with lots of drama and attention?

Who will win and who will suffer? Is it the Beauty or the Geek?

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