Chapter 21. Game On

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Everything happened in fast-forward, and that was saying something for vampires.

I was thrown in the back with all the Cullens crouching in defence and growling in front of me, Lisa and Aunt Katrina gripped onto my sides tightly. Even Carter was in front of me. I almost teared up. I couldn't take seeing everyone I loved do this for me. I don’t want anyone getting hurt, regardless of whether or not James was outnumbered. James and his other two friends were also in the same stance as the Cullens, with James’ eyes still on me as if I were the prey. The other two were focused on the Cullens, their eyes glowing with the desire to kill.

I don’t know what James told his friends about me, or if he even told them about me. Maybe the two were just protecting him or themselves. I don’t know! They were the least of my worries now. I just want my family out of here.

Then suddenly, James laughed an evil laugh, and everyone stared at him with confusion. He straightened up slowly, his two friends straightening up as well. Apparently, he was the leader of his small coven. His eyes, glinting with evil, found mine again. He was still smiling, causing Lisa and Aunt Katrina to tighten their grip on me until it was starting to hurt.

“I’m hurt, Bella. What did you tell your friends about me?” he said, his expression one of mocking hurt.

“Leave her alone,” I heard Emmett hiss. The other Cullens growled low in agreement.

James laughed again, making me sick again. I wanted to speak. I wanted to be the one saying what Emmett said, changing the her to them.

“Really, Bella. What did you tell them? I just wanted to say 'hi' to my friend; is that wrong?” he said in his pathetic, false sad voice.

I couldn’t take it. Now I was just seeing red. “We were never friends,” I spoke through my teeth.

“Ouch, that really hurt.” He just found this all amusing, didn’t he? “Well, seeing as my friend now hates me, I guess we have nothing to do here. Laurent? Victoria?” Oh god, I wanted to punch him so badly, but  I couldn’t move, both out of fear and because of Lisa’s and Aunt Katrina’s grip.

Laurent and Victoria still looked confused but obliged anyway. James started to back away, and the other two did the same, except Victoria went to James and wrapped her arm around his waist, looking at me threateningly. I almost rolled my eyes and said, He’s all yours.

James winked at me and said, wrapping his arms around Victoria’s shoulder who was still glaring at me, “See you around, Bella.”

I hate him.

Once they were out of sight, Edward was the first to stand up, his back still facing me. I struggled out of Lisa’s and Aunt Katrina’s grip until they hesitantly let go of me.

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