Chapter 61: Levi Lessons

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My beast rumbled as we watched the young alpha male walk away with our pup. He wanted blood for her blood spilled but he knew that she already did enough. Dammit, we knew why she did it. Her beast was starting to feel the pull of a luna over the pack; a pull that could get her killed.

I looked over at Thomas and his twat of a daughter and rumbled at them. "You best remember that girl."

Thomas' eyes widened at me a little as Miranda frantically licked at her pups nonexistent wounds, pathetic. The only time my girl would let me lick at her wounds is when I made her, that damn girl was too used to the feeling of blood dripping down her skin; I think she had actually grown to like it by now. Probably my fault, although it does make my beast and I more than proud to know that our daughter is more than capable of putting a quality Thorne beating on some of these pussy ass pups if she really wanted too.

"Brother." Lander looked over me then back at Ethan's figure disappearing into the forest. "What do you want to do?"

"Think we get Liam and have chat with my son-in-law," I replied a darkly. My beast had been thirsting to lay into Ethan's ass and now was time to do it. Boy needed to be reminded who he was and what he was made of.

Liam trotted up to me with Evangeline close to him. I smiled at the little red head. My beast rumbled in approval, she was a good girl with a real good heart. She would be good for Liam and the pack, we had no doubt of that. She needed some work, though, we could see the luna in her. I smiled inwardly, I'd have that girl chopping wood here pretty soon. I wondered if she was going to throw as much of a fit or be as entertaining as my Charlie girl was, probably not, but then again she was Chris' girl.

I looked up at Liam who looked over at the dead cat then back to me. "Charlie got torn up fighting a mountain lion off Amber." Evangeline snarled then shot some mad green eyes over to the she-wolf and her family that were quickly evading the scene. Liam rumbled and let out a hot breath. "She'll be fine. Ethan got to her in time and ripped its damn head off, but I need you to come with me."

Liam eyed me curiously as Evan walked up with blood covering his arms up to his elbows. "Ryder's going to finish carving it up for them with Remi."

"Good." I nodded and looked at Ladner who cracked his neck in anticipation of our 'talk' with Ethan. "Alright then, Lander, Liam, and Evan you're with me. Evangeline, you find Claire and Derek. Go get Charlie and bring her home after the doctor fixes her up. When you get there find Billy and tell him to bring that shit over."

"What are we going to do uncle?" Evan asked curiously.

I snickered as my beast licked its lips. "Oh Ev, we're going to have a chat with your brother."

Evan's lips twitched into a devilish smile that matched Liam's. Liam raised his brows and nodded. "Well, let's get to it then. We got an ass beating waiting for us."

Evan chuckled darkly and pounded his fist against Liam's which made me roll my eyes. Damn males. Although I am going to enjoy watching Liam beat on Ethan for a little.

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