Class room nightmare

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Ok guys thats blair's bestfriend!!
Her name is Lydia!!

Ok guys thats blair's bestfriend!!Her name is Lydia!!

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Blair's P.O.V

Please let this go well I mean like forreal?
It's only the first day and someone threatened to sue me!

I go get my schedule and head to my first class which i am now two minutes late for.
Okay my first class is fitness I can do this
Fitness here I come!

I walk in the gym door it creaks and slams shut and all eyes are on me.
Okay I can't do this.

I face the silent crowd that's sitting on the bleachers just staring at me.The gym teacher turns to me.
"Are you miss Blair Wilson?"
He asks ipad in hand from probably taking attendance.

"Y-yeah that's me."i reply
I hear snickers from the crowd.
I scan the crowd and I see Reid laughing
Wow his laughs so nice he should laugh more...

"Blair...BLAIR" my gym teacher yells.
My head snaps twoard him.

"Yes sir?"l ask the coach.
"Take a seat" he points twoards one of the benches on the bleachers.

I slowly start walking and i see my friend lydia, I smile and wave at her an she waves back motioning for me to sit with her.
"Any day now Miss.Wilson."says my coach obviously annoyed.

I sit next to her and we swap schedules.
I couldn't be more lucky i have all my classes with her!
We did our handshake saluted eachother and begin to laugh.
I guess it was a little to loud because then the coach yelled.

"Ladies do you mind telling us what's so funny im in the mood to laugh to."
We knew he really didnt want to though.

Lydia stood up pointed at me and shouted at the top of her lungs.

The whole gym laughed but the coach blew his whistle and shut us all up.
Lydia got a warning because she's good at getting away with things i guess thats why i like her so much.
Blairs P.O.V
(After school)

I walk out the school doors alone because lydia managed to get detention on the first day.
DAMNIT I don't have a ride!
Johns going to be so pissed about my skateboard!

I immediately start running my hands through my hair tugging at it a little.
I feel arms snake around my waist.

My arms fall to my sides I hug myself and face him I meet the same chocolate eyes that had stared daggers at mine not to long ago.

He grabs my hand and runs twoards his car
"AAAAAHHHHH what are you doing??" i yell at Reid.
Even thought we were running I could still see his smirk and hear the laughter in his voice.

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