aftermath of the storm

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Lucy Heartfilia stirred in her sleep, the brightness from the sun hitting her head. Slowly, her brown eyes opened, winced from the sun, and then starred in awe at the pale pink cherry blossom petals that flowed in to her room. A soft smile kissed her face. Memories of last night, and who helped her through one of her hard times.

Lucy was so lost in her memories that she had missed the pinkette waking up. Or notice that the warm thing wasn't her blanket; rather it was Natsu himself keeping her warm. She even missed the intensity he was staring at her with which those onyx eyes gazed at her with.

Lucy P.O.V.

I gazed at the cherry blossoms as they slipped into my room on a spring scented breeze. The petals looked so beautiful dancing in the breeze I failed to notice Natsu. So when he spoke up I jumped. I mean his voice came from right above my head! I met his onyx eyes as he spoke. "Lucy, are you alright now?" He asked softly. My eyes widened, one of the reasons he was ever so gentle with me was if I was close to falling apart emotionally. Like I was during the storm last night. And like that the puzzle snapped into place. I smiled softly at him. "Yes, Natsu, I am. Thank you for last night. I don't know what I would've done had you not been with me. Thank you, Natsu Dragneel." I said softly.

It was during that moment I realized where we were. More like what position we were in. We were on the floor, my head was pillowed on Natsu's bare chest- his vest wrapped around me- our legs were entwined together, his arms wrapped around my waist cementing me to him, while my arms rested on his abdomen.

I flushed a brilliant scarlet and tried to untangle myself from Natsu's body. The plan failed because Natsu refused to release me. I lifted my gaze to Natsu's onyx eyes again. My mouth opened- to tell him to release me- but nothing came out. Natsu lay gazing at me with an intensity I never knew he possessed. Instead what came out of my mouth was a breathless: "Na....Natsu?" Natsu's gaze darkened, their inky depths grew heated. His face neared mine, on instinct my eyes shut, waiting for the kiss I didn't even know I wanted.

The instant Natsu's lips met mine a blazingly hot fire was unleashed in me. I gasped at how intense the kiss felt. My response was instantaneous. My arms moved from his chest to around his neck, pulling him closer to me. Natsu doing the same around my waist, if there was a gap between our bodies it was long gone. The kiss deepened, the intensity deepening the longer our lips was in contact. "N...Na....Natsu...." I managed to gasp out against his mouth. Natsu pulled back, leaving me feeling bereft of his mouth. "Yeah, Luce?" He asked, breathing only slightly heavier, nothing compared to my fast paced breathing. "We should head to the guild, they'll be wondering where we are." That and I want to know what we are. But I didn't say that aloud.

I could tell Natsu didn't want to leave, I didn't want to leave. But leaving was safer. I didn't know what we were at this point, also judging by the kiss if we stayed in my room things I wouldn't want to say no to would happen. Instead Natsu nodded and released me. Letting me take off his vest and change into my own clothes.

Natsu P.O.V.

For some reason I could not look away from Lucy as she gazed out the window I had left open last night during the storm. The sun came in and lit her brown eyes to the point they looked like melted chocolate. It's hard to believe those eyes could hold that much fear in their depths. I thought still unable to look away from Luce.

Her brown eyes turned to me; they held intelligence, but also the look of a Fairy Tail guild member; but also embarrassed. " Na...Natsu?" Her voice was so soft, so quiet, so....tempting...his thoughts echoed. Yes, so very tempting. My mind caved in to the instincts of the Dragon. My face grew closer to hers. Our lips touched and I lost control, only running on pure dragon instincts.

For a spilt second Lucy hesitated then she returned the kiss with an intensity that matched mine. I growled lowly in the back of my throat. My arms wrapped around her waist, cementing her to me while her arms did the same around my neck. Our kiss deepened. "N....Na.....Natsu..." Lucy barely managed to gasp out. Pull back, let her speak. Looks like my brain came back. I separated myself from her body. "Yeah, Luce?" My breathing much calmer than her rapid pants.

"We should head to the guild, they'll be wondering where we are." Her words were like ice water being thrown onto my body. Though I did know why she was doing this. We are both controlled by the intensity of the kiss, had we continued she would be bearing thirty three babies. I left the room so Lucy could get ready.

Lucy P.O.V.

Natsu and I were walking through Magnolia to the guild. Our hands weren't touching, we weren't touching. I would have thought we were just friends, had it not been for that kiss. But I still do not know what we are.

I was so lost in thought I hadn't realized we had passed by the guild hall until we were in the park. Which is nowhere near the guild. "Natsu, why are we here?" I asked. Natsu glanced out at me from the side of his eye but said nothing. I sighed knowing there was no way to force him to speak.

After another minute of walking through the park Natsu pulled me to a stop. Before I had the chance to ask him he spoke. "Lucy, I brought you here because I have something I want to get off my chest. Lucy Ashly Heartfilia, I love you I want to always protect you and hold you in my arms as you cry. I want to always hold you as we sleep; I want to be the one you go to everyday. Nothing made me realize that more than last night. After everything we've been through I've never seen you so utterly scared like last night. Every time it storms I want to be there to hold you, to comfort you. I have loved you since I caught you from Phantom Lord. If you will have me I will protect you until my last breath, Lucy." He said.

I stood their breathless. It was like someone had just socked me the gut. Natsu loves me too? "I love you too." The words left of their own accord. But once I saw their effect they had on Natsu- he was still and surprised- more words filled my mind. I knew what I had to say. "Natsu, no one has ever been able to get me to sleep on a stormy night. I have never felt as protected as I had last night. You were never supposed to know my secret, but I'm glad you did. If you weren't there I'd have been miserable." I recalled his confession. "I only want you to protect me, to be with me every day. I, too, love you with all my heart, Natsu Dragneel." Natsu shook his head and erased the space between us. His arms were around me in a millisecond, mine circling around his shoulders. Natsu's head lowered to my neck, his breath tickled, and then I felt a pain on my neck. But I didn't freak out; I read that a dragon slayer marks their mate with a bite that leaved behind a symbol of their element. I knew a fire mark was on my neck. My body felt warmer than usual. I leaned back and kissed my mate. My lover. My rock. And my protector. That day I was more than Lucy Heartfilia celestial magic wielder, I was Lucy Dragneel celestial magic wielder, and mate to Natsu Dragneel. All because of a storm. My biggest fear became the reason for my biggest happiness. For once I am thankful to that storm.

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