11 - Grace

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"Hello my dear prize."

I was stuck. This man clearly had a body builder's built as all I felt from behind me was a wall of muscle. How could I have been so stupid and careless.

"I'm not your prize." I growl out, trying to move out of his hold as his hands groped my breasts. I was disgusted. It felt like hundreds of disgusting bugs were crawling in me from where his hands made contact.

This is what my father and Alpha wanted. For a male to put me in my place one day. But I refuse to let that happen.

"Come one Baby, let me show you what being with a man is like." The smell of desire wraps around me from my attacker and I try not to gag. How could a real man treat a girl the way he was treating me. I had to get away from him and there was only way to achieve this.

"If I make it out alive I am killing my Alpha." I think angrily as I take a deep breath and relax,  closing my eyes and letting a fake moan escape my lips as his finger graze across my nipple.

"Thats a good little bitch, was it so hard to let your desire free." His lips are pressed to the side of my neck as he starts to grind against me, his ignorance blinding him as I feel sickenig slobbery kisses along my skin, down my jaw bone and to my shoulder.

Slowly I grind back, releasing a few moans here and there and begging he turns me around to face him soon.

Finally my acting pays off and I feel his hands force me to move so that my back was against the tree, his lips pressed to mine as his hand moved to lift the hem of my shirt. The kiss was slobbery and his tongue forced its way into my mouth, the feeling slimy and gross and I so wanted to gag.

Finally I felt my shirt moving up my  body, his lips leaving mine and I tilted my head back, waiting for my opportunity.

The chilly air reached my bare skin, causing goose bumps to form as my shirt is raised higher and higher until it was just above my breasts, the mounds of fat being oggled by him.

"What size are you baby." He asks, his hands cupping them as he starts to make out with my neck.

"40D, why?" I answer truthfully, feigning innocence and he pulls back and smirks at me.

"No reason. I just like big boobs on my girls and when we get back to my pack I'll make yours bigger." He asnwers, moving his mouth to kiss down my left breast until it encirles the nipple, sucking hard on it. I shivered with disgust, knowing that this creep thought my shiver was of pleasure.

A few minutes passed before he switched to my right, his hands on my hips and keeping me in place and my hand on his shoulders since he had no hair to grab. Trust me, if he had any hair I would have grabbed it and used it to force his smug face into my knee.

With a pop he releases my nipple, pressing against me and grinding his errection into my stomach.

"Time to make you mine." He states and I put on my sexiest smile.

"How about I show your excited friend here some love." I suggest,  moving my hand to cup his bulge and hearing a groan from him. Gag.

"Good idea darling, get sucking and when I am ready I want that little silver pussy of yours." He says and I smile triumphantly as I undo his pants and reach for his member, my hand carresing it gently until my hand was fully wraped around it.

"How about you shut the hell up and beg me not to rip your dick off." I say, no emotion left in my voice as my grip tightens and I feel his errection squishing in my grip, watching as his face pales to a ghostly white and he claws at my wrist as he bends forward.

I fix my shirt with one hand, making sure my skin was covered as his inhumanly screams fills the area. And I just stare at him.

"P-please s-stop." He begs weakly as tears stream down his face. His skin was even whiter now as I just smirk and tighten my grip by a fraction, hearing an agonizing scream from him.

"I will, when you pass out." I laugh, watching hate fill his eyes.

"You'll pay fo-" his voice fades as the pain overtakes him and makes him pass out, my hold on his member released as I step aside to let him crumble to the ground.

"No I wont because you'll be after another girl in no time." I say to his unconscious form, pickig up my bag and looking around the forest, praying that no other wolves were around.

This time I had to be more careful and be aware of the males or else. I had to win this bet even if it meant I had to torture the male wolves.

With one last look at the male who assulted me I sigh and went back to walking, the blue moon my source of light. He wont be able to screw a she wolf for a day or two but that was his fault, not mine. I did what I had to do to protect myself.

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