Chapter 60: The Council Meeting Part V

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As Levi and I approached the little bar set aside in a corner Derek zipped up next to me. "You're mate is eyeing you like he's about to rip that dress off of you."

"Hmmm," I murmured as shivers went up my spine and over my skin from his heated gaze.

Levi handed me a glass of wine while I looked back at Derek a little sadly. The pull was throbbing and I would lying if I said that the fact that Ethan didn't come for me earlier didn't hurt.

Derek winked and leaned down to my ear. "You know how to make him pay little one."

Levi chucked and nodded into his glass. "There's a reason that we Thorne's are a pain in the ass girly." I smiled a little deviously as confidence filled my belly. Levi laughed a little more and nodded approvingly. "That's my girl, now let's find a table and Lander. If anyone sees Liam, tell him to come find me at some point tonight."

Derek took my hand and led me to a table that Lander and Claire were already seated at. "Where are Liam and Evangeline?" he asked.

Lander rolled his eyes. "I don't want to know."

"Easy love," Claire playfully warned. "They'll show up eventually."

I sighed a little and waved at Caden who was walking over to me. He smiled warmly then nodded at the group. "Well Thornes, you all look good."

"Thanks, Caden, as do you," Claire politely replied.

Caden eyed me then Levi as little deviously. "Could I steal your daughter for a moment?"

Levi cocked his brow and looked back at Ethan, who was trying to stay in his conversation but failing miserable. He smirked a little and nodded as he and Caden seemed to come to a little understanding silently. "Yap, just bring her back in one piece. I don't have to tell you what happens if you don't."

Caden nodded then offered me his arm. I took his arm then looked back and Levi and Lander who were both trying to hide their laughter. I cold feel the bond twist a little and the energy buzzing about from Ethan turn a little angry. I sighed a little as more wolves started to fill the room. "Jaxon and I just wanted to dick around with Ethan, I hope you don't mind?"

I looked back at Caden who smiled a little schemingly and nodded. "Take me to your alpha then."

He chuckled a little darkly and led me carefully up the stairs then towards a table where Jaxon had three she-wolves fawning over him. I don't blame them, he was a good looking male, but he was not our male. I sighed a little as I felt his eyes on my bare back; this very well could be a long ass miserable night for both of us.

Jaxon cleaned up well in a dark charcoal suit. He looked over a blonde that was talking to him and flickered his eyes to me. "All of you leave now."

The women all scoffed a little as Caden and I continued to walk closer. Jaxon let out a warning growl which scattered the thirsty females. I rolled my eyes as he drank in my form, my wolf snapped at him but he just chuckled. "Let's have a chat, Charlotte."

I sighed as Caden released me arm then moved to a chair where a whiskey on ice was waiting for him. I walked a little towards Jaxon as the pull twisted some more. I shoved back the pain then crossed my arms and leaned against the table next to him. "Well Jaxon, say what it is you wanted."

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