Chapter 5

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(Ariee in mm) 
*warning chapter don't read if younger then 13 💀💀*
Dream pov-
where tf am I? I woke up in a king size bed that's not mine & to a room I never seen before I don't even recognize where I am and then I seen this little brown skin girl that looked around the age 3 I was so confused she came running in screaming saying daddy she's up she's up come on and was jumping up and down so excited I was looking like tf ? But then dre walked in and the little girl came and jumped on the bed with me saying "hi my name is ariee " super loud and fast I didn't know what to do I just looked at her and dre was standing at the door with a plate then the little girl ran and hugged dre and started crying saying she doesn't like me I kinda felt sad and I got off the bed and ran over to her and squinted down saying no that's not why It's just idk what's going on my name is Dream and I would love to get to know you ..your so pretty I said hugging her she started smileing and she said oh so you do like me I said of course I do why wouldn't I your so nice and plus your pretty so we can be Bestfriends I said winking getting up and takeing the plate from dre smileing and getting back in the bed tearing that ihop up this bacon,eggs,grits,sausage & pancakes good asf  thankyouu dre I said smacking loud asf he started laughing Mann I was so Fr it was so good😩❤️❤️ then when I got done I handed it to him and he went and threw it in the trash when he came back he said you remember anything that happen last night? I said nah Mann what happen how I end up at yo house and who that little girl ? Well slow down shawty well that lil girl is my daughter and she's 3 years old bout to be 4 and second me and you was danceing yo booty was bouncing Mann it was just so big he said I started laughing and said really nigga continue and he said well you got shot I said oh ok did I get hit bad? Check your waist he lifted my shirt and it was only a little bruise it had a wrap around it then I said who fixed my waist ? I did and then outta no where I hugged him and said Thankyou for everything he smiled and said its okay shawty but yo phone been blowing up since last night I got tired and answered it why you answer my phone I said staring at him  some girl was blabbering about some trap got broke in again he said eyeing me hard I looked around not looking at him he finnaly broke the silence and said what was she talking bout ? I said I really don't know they probably called the wrong number I said getting up walking out walking down the stairs he followed me and he kept laughing and slapping my booty the whole way down the stairs I said omgggg stooop while I was laughing he mocked my voice saying it and slapping my ass one more time before I turned around and slapped his face so hard he was looking mad I ran back up the stairs laughing jumping in the bed under the covers I heard his footsteps and he jumped on me on the bed I said that's what you get you shouldn't have kept slapping my butt goshhh he pushed me on the ground .. Aye so you not married and you don't date or talk to someone you don't have to tell me I'm just saying cause I know how you niggas be you could be married and still bring a whole nother woman home ? I said curious looking at him nah man but I will be soon he answered and i just nodded my head yeah and said I cannot with you I said laughing & I got up Finna go to the bathroom cause I had to pee he came and bum rushed me and picked me up pinning me up against the wall by my hands . I gotta pee lil boy lemme go I said laughing since you gotta pee and you slapped me I'm finna tease yo ass and Ima grown ass man with a long ass dick I busted out laughing saying boy watever stop boosting yo head up . Oh now you really wanna play you finna feel dis shit he replied he started rubbing his package up and down on my cat makeing me gotta pee more &a makeing my cat do a tsunami 🌊 please stoppppp I just wanna go to the bathroom  I moaned softly and low not really wanting him to stop I haven't had dick in 2 years he started laughing and put me down slapping my butt I ran in the bathroom and shut the door peeing and I got off the toilet wiping my self and flushing the toilet & washing my hands with cinnamon scented hand soap I walked out and I didn't see dre in his room so I walked down stairs slowly and quietly I saw him looking in the refrigerator I came up behind him and reached my hands down his gym shorts massaging his package and he said oh shiiiit until he was rock hard I stopped and he looked at me with a death glare and I bend over and start jiggling my booty in front of him and start running up the stairs cause I could tell he was mad asf and ran in ariee room cause I knew he wouldn't come in here like that I jumped on the bed with her laughing and watched Sofia the first with her she was laughing and we stayed like that watching tv all night Dre came and joined us until we all fall asleep.

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