Chapter 7

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"No ."


"We should stay indoors . I do not feel like going out again for one of your fridgin' all nighter shopping sprees ."

"You need a change in clothes and hair style so yes . "

I sigh deeply for the millionth time this lunch hour . Mirajane and Erza have been non stop arguing since lunch break came about how we should go shopping this weekend or not . I can mostly agree with Erza school has been killing us all in general with not only assigments but stressing us out with exams as well . Natsu sits down beside me and gives them a funny look while Gray is just holding his head out from the headache they are causing him by arguing .

Natsu grabs my hand and gives it a light squeeze making me focus and give all my attention to him . He smiles and points at his lip . "How about a welcome to lunch kiss." he says I just roll my eyes . Natsu lately has been wanting kisses for everything . From having a good grade to making it to class and staying the full hour paying attention . He pouts and I groan .

"Fine..." i lean in and kiss him on the lips . He smiles and pulls me closer until someone clears their throat . We both pull away to look at Lyon giving us a slight annoyed glare . "Uh PDA much . " He says and starts scrolling through his phone . Natsu scoffs . "You're just jealous . " Natsu tells him . Lyon rolls his eyes . "Why would I be jealous . Every one in this table knows that once you sneak your charming little way into her pants you'll dump her and who will be there to pick up the pieces and clean up after your mess . Oh yeah that's right us , as always. " Lyon bites back .

My eyes widen a bit I think Gray notices because he tries to change the topic . Erza and Mira are yet still arguing too distracted to even notice what's going on . "So uh Lyon how's baseball?" Gray asks . "Pretty good actually . We're having our first game in like 3 months from now so we have to practice alot . " He nods at Lyons reply . "Oh speaking of sports that reminds me Natsu , our next game is in 3 weeks so the coach wants to see us tomorrow afternoon for a meeting . " Gray tells Natsu .

Natsu smirks . "Sweet . Babe you gotta try out for the team . " Natsu says turning his attention to me . I'm guessing this catches Mira and Erzas attention because they both squeal in ecxitement . "Yes Juvia! You should soooooo try out . It would be great and now that Lucy is gone we have Erza as our captain . " Mira says happily. Erza nods in aprooval. "Yes and I order you as student body president as well that you must  try out for the team . " She states firmly . Oh yay . Now I have no choice but to try out.

"Fine." I say .

"Yay. This is gonna be the best cheerleading try outs ever!" Erza says clapping ecxitedly. I giggle while rolling my eyes .

Timeskip to the try outs

As I'm trying on the uniform . Let me just say too short and too tight for my liking . I turn to Erza and Mira and they both nod in agreement . "Yes and Natsu will love it even more than us . After all he is Juvia's boyfriend. " Mira says wiggling her eyebrows . I roll my eyes . "Guys it's for one too short and secondly it fits me like if it was a second skin . " I tell them clearly uncomfortable with the uniform. "Well its supposed to be short and it's tight because you have a big booty and big boobs . " Mira tells me . I roll my eyes .  She just laughs . "But Juvia it's true , it looks nice on you though and i bet Natsu would love it . "She wiggles her eyebrows at me once again . Ugh.

I sigh deeply . "Okay listen up I'm Erza Scarlet not only am I student body president but I am also the cheerleaders rightful captain . Today you will show us what you got and we will call you to tell you if you need to improve or you made the team . Now first up Yukino . Next is Lissana Strauss . After that Juvia Lockser." Erza says with authority . When my name is called I hear whistles . I look back to see Natsu clapping and whistling for me . He winks at me from where he sits at the bleachers .

"You go babe!" he yells . "Hell yeah! Go Juvia!" Gray yells joining Natsu in clapping and whistling . After the 2 girls finish it's my turn . I'm a bit nervous . I sigh deeply and stand infront of the girls . "Okay Juvia show us what you got . I expect you to give the very best of yourself. Okay begin . " I nod my head yes . "Ready!-" I say in my cheerleading spirit . "Hell yeah!" Natsu cuts me off . I glare at him he just smirks and winks . "Ready!Okay! Fairy Tail is great ! "I say and do a cartwheel ."Fairy Tail is bae!" I do a flip . "Fairy Tail has style and class!" I yell . "So don't mess with us or we'll kick your ass!" I do a backflip in the air land on my feet and do the split. I hear the group of guys in the bleachers go cray cray . Natsu runs up to me and picks me up twirling me . "Hell yeah! That's my girl!" .

Erza claps . "Juvia you made the team." She says and smiles at me . I smile a bit . I've never actually been in a cheerleading team before but I guess i could give it a try . Who knows I might get something good out of it . Gray claps and picks up Erza. "Give it up for the best cheerleading captain judge! WOOOO! ERZA !!!ERZA! " soon we all join him and scream together . "Erza!" Then the basket ball coach calls the team and Natsu leaves me but no before stealing a quick french kiss off of me . I blush a bit .

When the guys start to practice , we the girls go and change into our regular clothes .
"So Juvia , are you and Natsu official?" Mira asks me for like the 30th time this week . "Yes I suppose so...I guess we are . " I sigh as i change into my skinny jeans and flannel button up shirt . "Hmmm...oh I got it ! You guys should go on a date !" Mira says .

I just roll my eyes and walk out of the gym . She really needs a boyfriend so she can leave me alone. As I'm walking down the hallway I bump into someone and fall . Great luck was on my side today because I fell on my butt . I look up to see ...

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