Chapter Two

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For days afterward, Lizzie talked of nothing but Ciel and when she saw Ciel. Mother and Father weren't around to hear it and the help would scurry away whenever she came near. I wouldn't blame them. Last time Lizzie was this excited, she ended up decorating the help and everything else that comes with it. Unfortunately for the help, a few of them were hung from the walls as decorations. When we were younger, I didn't think Lizzie had this violent streak in her. She was only "trying to help" as Mother put it several times. Yeah, well, my sisters so called help was worse than finding out what she did with our tutor. Now, he's in the nuthouse.

"Did you see the way Ciel was dressed when we saw him?" Lizzie squealed again. I swear, if she squeals one more time, I just might lose it.

I groaned. "Yes, Lizzie, I saw Ciel. Now, will you please shut your mouth? I'm trying to read."

As Lizzie droned on and on with what she did with Ciel, it reminded me to talk to Ciel on what his secret was of not losing it every time he sees her. Eventually, Lizzie's voice faded. I don't know whether that was because she realized I wasn't paying any attention to her or she was distracted by something, I won't ever know. Lizzie has always been the scatterbrained one of us.

"Why are you reading? Mother and Father haven't found us a new tutor yet." Lizzie leaned closer to find out what I was reading.

"Just because you drove the last one away doesn't mean I could cease my studies," I said as I flipped the page. I wanted to be the smarter one of us even if Lizzie was the one that was betrothed to Ciel.

"What is the book about? Is it made-up?"

"Some people say the creatures, like the one in this book, don't exist and never had exsited. However, I think only one of these creatures exist. There is more solid evidence on it than anything else."

"And you like that?"

"Yes, I do," I said. It takes me away from living with you down my back.

"If that's what you like," Lizzie said as she stepped away and skipped merrily away to annoy someone else.

I turned back to my book. Some scientists think none of these creatures exist. Somehow, the one with the most evidence sounds like it exists everywhere I look. Maybe I am a little paranoid. But this is damning evidence. Placing my finger in my place, I flipped to the beginning of the section simply entitled: Contract Demons or Demons. This section was longer than the others and, when I first read the section, the contents reminded me of Sebastian. He looked like the type to perform such impossible acts; and when he does, he merely gives a vague yet satisfying answer just like these demons do. But, Ciel wouldn't knowingly hire a soul-stealing demon would he?

I found myself migrating to that book after every visit to the Phantomhive manor. Every time leaves me more and more convinced that Seastian is a demon. But, if he is the most popular type of demon, a contract demon, why is he employed by Ciel when he could be making a contract with someone else?

I thought about that through dinner where Lizzie was telling Mother and Father about Ciel and when she went to visit him with me. She told them how I greeted Ciel but disappeared out of thin air like the servants under Ciel's command. I didn't care that Lizzie was telling them everything that happened. It just left me more time to think about demons and Sebastian and Ciel.

"Selena, darling, are you feeling alright?" Mother asked when she noticed I hadn't touched much of my dinner.

I looked up to her, wanting to lave my dinner and take my book into my room and lock myself in there. At least then, I can actually think about everything without distractions.

"I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I'm going to go to bed," I said as I stood up. "Excuse me, I'll take my leave now."

I stepped away and walked out the dining room door. I nodded to my maid to take the night off, like I've usually done, and walked up the grand staircase and down the second floor hall into my room that resided on the right down the middle of the corridor. I opened my door and walked in. When I shut my door just inside my room, I leaned against it and sighed. I walked to my wardrobe and started changing. I untied my corset and got ready for bed. I picked up my book and laid in bed, ready to continue on the section of demons. Even though I read it a million times, it seems like new every time I read it.

"That's gotta be Sebastian," I uttered as I shut the book and placed it under the pillow next to me. I slid down the covers and fell asleep before my mother could check on me.

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