Piggy Back Ride Part 7

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12th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

The kid was still somewhat groggy the next morning just as daylight was beginning to make itself known over the top of the trees.

We had just finished having a breakfast of sorts before packing up everything again and then taking another piss at the back of the cave before we left again.

Then wrapping the sleeping bag around the kid and also packing everything up that we had with us, I then hitched the kid onto my back piggy back style and after making sure that everything was secure including my hitchiker, I slowly made my way down the mountain and into the direction of the fire I had seen last night.

It was slow going as I had to make sure that I didn't lose my own balance. So it was hard going for a little while until I got to some flattish ground and was able to pick up the pace a bit.

I should mention that I had to stop every now and again to make sure that we didn't hear any noises that shouldn't be heard from the surrounding countryside that shouldn't be there.

So again, after taking stock of the direction I should be heading off into, I started walking again. But while I still had the strength to walk, I kept up the pace and we ate as we went along.

It wasn't until the sun had passed across the sky and was letting us know that it was well after noon that the kid grunted just before she tapped me on the shoulder.

"Some one is coming. Find somewhere to hide." She whispered into my ear.

Seeing that she had been right about nearly everything, I didn't doubt that she either saw something or heard something and seeing a low grade that had some thick overgrown thorny brush through it, I made for that picking up the pace.

I could only just make out the sound of dogs as well which had me swearing.

Sliding down into the grade and looking for a way to get into the brush, I felt a tug fromt he front of me and amoment later, the load that had been on my back was eased as I felt the kid slide off.

Then I felt her scurry back the way we came which had me quickly reaching out for her.

"You made sliding marks on the ground. We had to hide them or they'll find us." She whispered to me in a hurry as she tugged away from me.

But I quickly saw what she meant and after dropping everything, I rushed passed her and wiped the marks with the leaves that were scarttered around us.

Then after grabbing some twigs and a few branches that didn't look like they were out of place, I lay them over the way we came down into what is actually a natural ditch and after pulling out the dog spray, I sprayed it around the area as I backed up into the kid making her back up as well.

I heard her making noises behind me and after turning to grab her to hide ourselves, I saw that she was rubbing dead mulched leaves and dirt across as much of herself as she could before reaching out and rubbing some on me too.

Once she was satisfied and after I continued to spray the nasty stinking stuff in the spritzer I had with me, we found a very thick and thorny bush that we could climb under and pull the camourflaged sleeping bag over us after rubbing it too with the dead mulch.

Then we stayed still and waited.

The kid startled when she saw the hand gun in my hand as I aimed it in the direction of the noises that were steadily getting louder. Which meant they were getting closer.

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