Chapter Two

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Brooke's POV

We pulled up to a house, actually, scratch that, we pulled up to a mansion. My jaw immediately dropped as the car jolted to a stop. How could a murderer have so much money? My mind began to spin with all the black money that he must have, considering a wanted man like Justin Bieber could never enter the real world for a job.

"Close your mouth kitten, it's not attractive." Justin smirked before leaning over the seat to place his mouth right below my ear. "I want that mouth to be doing some other things some time."

I shot him a look of disgust and scoffed before opening the door of the car and slamming it shut. Justin quickly emerged too and was at my side in seconds.

"Can't have you running away now can we?" He teased, wrapping his arm around me and forcefully tugging me onto the porch of the house.

He unlocked the door, kicking it so it swung open. The interior of the house truly was gorgeous. It had diamond chandeliers, an enormous kitchen, everything I pictured my dream house having.

Just one problem.

He was here. And this wasn't a dream whatsoever, it was cold, harsh reality. All I wanted to do was snuggle into my purple sheets, hearing my sister's annoying music from across the hall. I wanted my dad to come in and check on me, making sure I was asleep at a reasonable hour.

Justin placed two fingers in his mouth and let out a high pitched whistle, causing two German Shepard's and two Rottweilers to come running.

"Mine," Justin said, and the dogs came running over to me, tackling me to the ground and sniffing me.

"Off," Justin commanded and the dogs obediently ran back over to him, sitting in front of him as if they were soldiers.

"Now, I have five simple rules that you should follow. Disobey them? You will receive a punishment." Justin stated walking over to me and grabbing my wrist, dragging me over to the couch. He sat down and placed me on his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist. I cringed at the position, feeling disgusting by sitting in his lap.

"Rule one: no lying." He said, "I can tell when your lying, and I should be respected." How could he possibly tell if I was lying? I scoffed quietly causing Justin to give me a warning look.

"Rule two: always do what I say. No complaining, no nothing."

"Rule three: you will never try to escape. If you do, you will be found and punished." Escaping was my number one priority, as if a punishment could be any worse than being held captive here.

"Wait-" I interrupted him, "what- what about school? Well I mean I graduated high school but I should be receiving my acceptance letter soon."

"School?" He pondered and I weakly nodded my head, "Well, maybe when I can trust you and you love me I can let you go."

I nearly choked. Love him? I would never love him. He is a criminal, he took me away from my life.

"Love you?" I spat, struggling in his tight grip. "I will never love you."

He narrowed his eyes at me, "Don't make me angry kitten, don't." His tone was authoritative, causing me to want to shrink away and hide, but I hid my fear.

"You can't control me!" I snarled getting out of his grip and making a run for the stairs.

"Get back here right now, Brooke!" He yelled, stomping up behind me.

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