Yandere!Red [Dangerous]

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Idk why i did this in the first place... :v

Anyway just a random thought. In most fanfic and works Red at least said a word. Though i find some that don't. So what if he's a yandere but he doesn't talk? And there goes this chapter. Might not show much of a yandere but i did my best.

I know i was suppose to update once a week,but will be very busy the next few weeks and thought i post a bunch juat in case i can't update like usual.



Perhaps getting to know him was Y/N's worst desicion ever. Who knows.

She first met him when Green introduced the boy to her. With his beautiful red orbs and gorgeous raven locks he was a handsome young boy. Oh if only she didn't bother to get along with him.

"I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you." She smiled,and shook his hand.

He didn't reply,though. Not a single word.

"His name is Red. Don't bother. He never said a word." Green scoffed.

"Then how was he able to do battle?"

"Dunno. I don't really care." He narrowed his eyes in boredom.

Well in her opinion it's amazing how he could tell his pokemon what to do in battle. She wasn't a trainer but she know a thing or two about taking care of them. They started their journey,leaving Pallet town. Y/N,with nothing to do in the end help professor Oak at the lab. And eventually had a pokemon of her own,Y/P.

It was great. Having that pokemon she trained it dialy and Y/P helped her with other works. She always wanted to see the two again one day. After a while later Green returned,as the leader of Viridian Gym. But not the raven haired boy.

"Where's Red?" She ask the male.

"After beating me he went to Mt. Silver. Don't know why." He replied lazily.

The burnette and Oak tried to contact him. But to their dismay nothing worked. Phone calls were ignored. They tried to send messages using Pidgey but didn't receive any reply

Then Gold and Silver and Lyra came along. After things were sorted out and time passed the young raven beat the elite four,gaining access to Mt. Silver to face Red,and check on his condition. But as Oak was concerned,he sent Y/N to accompany him. She didn't mind at all. She was glad to be able to help.

"You really are a strong trainer,Gold." She started a conversation.

"But you and Y/P beat us a few times." Gold sheepishly laugh.

"Well that was just my luck. Me and Y/P didn't battle that often."

Both her pokemon and his Typhlosion were walking with them,against the harsh snow. The small talk lasted with chuckles and laughters. And after a long walk on the cave,both of them reach the peak. There stood Red,with Pikachu on his shoulder. Gold walk up to challenge him,and the battle began.

It was truly amazing to witness such a fight. Red still never spoke a word during the fight,just like the last time she saw him. And by the time the snow was over,Gold had won. It was no longer a blizzard,just gently snowing.

"Gold that was amazing!" Y/N ran and hug him for.


"I should thank you too." He added.

"For what?" She spoke,confused.

"Going with me to climb up Mt. Silver and taking care of my pokemon." The boy grinned.

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