Holly Mays p.o.v

As usual I'm going to be late for school. I haven't even got dressed yet, and school started 10 minutes ago. This happens every Monday, I either sleep in or I don't hear my alarm, omf I'm so bad. I take my phone out to text Charlotte that I'm going to be late. As I was about send the message my phone rang.

Justin? Why is he calling me?

"Hello." I say casually

"Holly! hey!"

"Hey Justin"

"I'm on my way to your house"


"Because we're going to Malibu. You have to come"

"Why should I?"

"Because it's a beautiful day and I wanna spend it with my beautiful friend."

"Too much information but okay."

"Okay we'll see you just now"

"Justin I haven't even said yes... and we'll ? Is there other people?"

"Yeah, just friends."

"Wait Justin I hav-"

"Okay so I have to go. I'll see you in 10. No excuses Holly May."


"So much fun!" He said then hanged up

What the fuck?

Doesn't he know I still go to school

Whatever I'm late anyways. Might as well not go.
I realize that he said he'll see me in ten which means he's gonna come here in ten minutes. Well damn.

I head to my bathroom and just wash my face. Ain't got time to shower.

I head to my closet and take my dark blue ripped jeans and my white shirt that says 'the life of pablo" and my white adidas

I go back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair and also put on some make up and perfume.

Few minutes later I hear a knock at the door. I sigh and take my bag and phone.
I head downstairs and open the door. Justin is at the door, looking attractive as usual.

"Hey Holls !!" He says and gives me hug
"Justin, heya" gosh I'm so awkward, and I know this dude
"You look great, let's go"
I blush at his compliment and lock the door behind me. He waits for me and we head to his black SUV.
I enter and see people. Oh my fuck they not just people, they celebrities.

"Hi, you must be May." Maejor Ali???
"Hi, my name is actually Holly, well Holly-May but please, call me Holly" I say keeping calm
"Oh okay hey Holly, I'm Maejor." He waves.
I smile and wave back
Then I see a girl sitting next to him. Omg Sofia Richie?? She was just staring at me while I was talking to Maejor.
And yeah she's the last celebrity I wanted to meet lol no offense. The internet makes her sound terrible so I'm keen to see what she's really like,

"Hi I'm Sofia."

Yeah I know who you are- I thought

"Hey, I'm Holly."

Then her smile drops and then she realizes then smiles again

"Oh so you the one Justin is always textin" she says with a 100% fake smile on her face.
Oh god she hates me now.

"Oh I wouldn't say always but..." I shrug I'm so awkward, if you didn't even know

"Huh." She nods and sits back properly on her seat. Well damn

Justin enters the car and sits in the front seat.

"You guys ready to go?" He asks turning around to face us

We all agree to go and we drive to Malibu.


Question: if you had to choose 3 favorite songs from Justin's purpose album, what would you choose? I think I would choose, Get used to it, Children and Sorry even though I have more than 3 favorite songs

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