19: paper towns

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(a/n I honestly hate this chapter feel free to skim through it)


Awe he cares.😭

"I will. Thanks Erick." I smiled shyly. I felt my cheeks get hot. Shit....

*back to scene*

As soon as Erick left I ran to the mirror. Despite my runny mascara I saw my cheeks were not a light shade of pink, but more like hard core red. I don't know what's happening to me. I need to go away from here.

I went to my window. I climbed out and somehow climbed on the roof. I loved sitting on the roof. Everything seems so small and... fake. It's like seeing a paper town. With paper people. (PAPER TOWNS REFERENCE)

It was cloudy today. It's supposed to be summer... what's up with California lately? It's been cloudy for about 2 days. That weird. As soon as I finished that thought, it started drizzling. So much for summer.

I quickly climbed back into my room. I heard Erick and Chris talking. I just ignored them. I grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom that's in my room. I took off my clothes and went in the shower. I let the warm water run down my back for a couple minutes.

After my shower, I went back to my room. Erick and Christopher were standing there. I tightened my grip I had on the towel.

"W-We'll just leave." Erick stuttered not taking his eyes off me.

I immediately felt my cheeks get red as they left. I locked the door and I went to my drawer and got a pair of shorts and a grey hoodie. I quickly changed and put lotion on. I put moisturizer on my face.

When I was done changing, i unlocked the door but kept it closed. I got my book. I started reading for a couple minutes and dozed off.

Erick's POV:

Chris had fallen asleep. I went to Jazmins door. I hesitantly put my hand on the knob and twisted it. I smile crossed my face when I saw her curled up on her bed with her book on her hand. I put the book mark in the book and put it on her nightstand.

I lay down with her and I got the folded blanket hat was on the far side of her bed. I covered the both of us. I wrapped my arms around her and soon I fell asleep....

I'm so sorry this chapter is short! I hope you like to though!


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