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Pen Your Pride

One Direction Fanfic

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  “Wow! Abby, this is the perfect place to stay for the summer, thank you so-so much for all of this!” I ran over and hugged her, with a huge grin on my face.

  “Yeah Abby, this is great!” James came over to us and hugged us too.

   “Oh, no problem guys, we planned to go away for the summer together, so I thought I’d go a little overboard. This is our last summer before graduation; let’s make some fun out of it.”

 Gosh, I loved having friends like this. Me, James and Abby were all best friends since 6th grade, and we’ve been the same way since. After this summer we’d be going into senior year, then heading on to different places. Abby was super smart so she decided to look for the best university they had close to here, but the closest she could find was 5 hours away. Myself and James would probably just go to a college close to here, we didn’t really need the best because our grades were just average. Since Abby was going to be a distance from James and I, we made a deal to come see each other at least once a month so we could keep in contact with one another. Phones are good, but just not good enough.

 Well Abby, I don’t know how she did it. She’s not rich or anything, so I have no idea how they got the money for it. I mean, we’re in the best hotel ever, and we’re staying for the whole summer! We just insisted on a plain little hotel, but she came up with this great idea of spending way too much money on a 5 star hotel, and since it was okay with her we went with it. Who wouldn’t?

    “But Abby, please tell us, how’d you get it? It would cost way too much.” I said, looking at her with puppy eyes pleading for her to let us know.

    “Okay, fine,” She started. “Well, we do have this hotel room for the whole summer, but we kinda…have to share it with someone else.”

   “What?!” James and I both yelled.

   “It’s okay, James, Emma, the people that are going to stay with us are around our age, and we have enough rooms in here. Don’t worry, and if you want to go somewhere else we can go, it just won’t be as good as this.” Abby assured us with a smile.

    “We’re fine here. Thanks again Abby, I’m just going to go around and explore for a second.”

  Our bags were still at the door, but I’d just get them when I picked out a room. I had about 7 big suitcases, but this is for the whole summer.

  The lounge room was right in front of the door, and the kitchen was right beside it. The kitchen was huge, it had all white cupboards and stainless steel appliances, this was like my dream kitchen. I walked down the hallway and the first room was a big bathroom, probably the main one. There was a room across from it, it had 2 single beds in it. There was another 2 rooms exactly the same as that one, and at the very end of the hall there was the master bedroom. It had a couch that could fold out to be a bed, and a king sized bed in the middle.

   “I FOUND MY ROOM! I called it!” I yelled, and running out to where Abby and James were.

   “What one?”

   “The one at the very end of the hall,” I grabbed some of my bags. “C’mon, you guys can pick your rooms out.”

  They got some of their bags and searched the rooms with me, they ended up sharing the room right beside mine, it was one with 2 single beds.

  When I showed them the room that I picked, they both crossed their arms and pouted. “That’s not fair!”

   “I called it, it’s fair.”


sorry for cheap chapter, i'll do more when i upload again


-Sam :)

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