Chapter 59: The Council Part IV

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Thomas and Miranda both got up together and left without a word. My wolf watched them closely as they left, her lip twitching with a need to show them her teeth. To show them whose fangs would be tearing their skin apart for lying; for lying about something that put our pack and the rest of the ones here in danger.

Jaxon flickered a raised brow to me as I sat by myself. I let out a long sigh as he got up from his seat and casually walked over to me. He held my gaze and I held his, a challenge, I wasn't submitting to this male.

He chuckled as he came to where Ethan was sitting and took his seat. My wolf snapped at his, but he just laid back lazily as if it was welcomed. I raised a brow at him while he looked around the room carefully before leaning closer to me. "Your alpha may be good at lying to some but not to me," he whispered softly through the murmurs of people talking during the break.

My brows raised as my beast perked up. I leaned back and eyed him to see what game he was playing at, but he looked serious; more concerned than anything. "And you bring this to me because?"

He breathily chuckled and flickered his eyes to Lander then back to me. "Lander had some words with me earlier, we've had similar incidents, only one." My beast and I were both listening now, this was happening at other packs. Shit. Jaxon eyed me a little deviously then leaned closer to me. My wolf snarled lowly but the alpha male cared not. "I bring it you because it seems like you and your mate are ones I should be talking to luna."

I felt my eyes slightly widen as he pulled away. "That's not my place."

"But it will be," he replied quickly and I couldn't argue because I knew it was true. "And if we're being honest with each other because we're friends. We are friends are we not Charlotte?" I raised my brow and let out a low rumble. He chuckled some more before he flickered his eyes back to me. "Anyways, friend, I would much rather work with you and Ethan, mostly now because I know I would get to see you."

I let out a low warning growl as my beast pushed closer. He raised his brows in surprise while I felt Claire turned around towards me; her beast started to press forward with mine next to the arrogant male. "I would watch your tone Jaxon."

"Afraid I'll hurt Ethan's feelings?"

"No," I chuckled a little darkly. "I'm afraid there will be not much of you left for Ethan after I let my beast have a go at you."

He rumbled a bit but now it was my turn to laugh. I half smirked at him before I pushed my feelings aside so we could talk about business. "Well tell me then Jaxon, is it just you or do others think the same?"

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