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Three years later....

Jordyn finally gets let out of the mental institution and she is no longer the warm, fun person she once was. She is a shell of her old self and she has no desire of going back to anyone in her past.

When she returns to New York, she sees that Brandon is an alcoholic and he is now a shell of himself too.

The trauma that they endured three years ago caused them both to be changed forever. Will they be able to stay together after all that has happened? Or will their trauma be enough to tear them apart?


So....Book 2 is official in the works here on Wattpad! If you skipped over the title somehow, this book is called Fighting For You and Me. As of right now, I am going to have this book be around 50 chapters (that may change as the book progresses).

Posting Schedule

I will try to post chapters of this book every three to four days if I can, but at the beginning of the book, it might take longer to put chapters out. *I'm in school and sometimes I have to put this to the side to finish my work.* For TFIYAM, I was able to find a good time to post and to write without it disrupting my HW, and I'll do the same with FFYAM.


If you have questions about my book, the characters, or the direction it is taking, don't hesitate to leave me a private message! If you like a chapter, take a second and write a comment. If you hate a chapter, comment about that too. Whether they are hate comments or good comments, I read all of them.

I'm pretty much always on Wattpad because I love to write but I'm also an avid reader, so when you leave me a private message or comment, I'll see it, and if necessary, I will comment back as soon as possible.

Book Recommendations

Like I said in the paragraph above, I'm an avid book reader. Which means I need new books to read all of the time. So if you want me to read your book, or someone else's book, send me a private message. But one thing I want to make clear is DON'T ADVERTISE YOUR BOOK ON MY PAGE OR IN MY COMMENTS SECTION. I see this happen in so many other people's books and it frustrates me so much, and I consider it disrespectful in a way. When I first joined Wattpad, I would occasionally advertise my books but then I realized something. When you are reading someone else's work that they put their time into, your comments are supposed to be feedback or reactions to their book. Anything other than that is rude because it's like you're saying, "Hey, don't read this book anymore. Read mine!"

Moral of the story is do not advertise your book on my page or on any of my books. I'm telling you right now if I see it in the comments, I am deleting it as soon as it pops up in my notifications.


All Rights Reserved 2016.

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Any reproduction, publication, plagiarism, or infringement of any kind will be reported to Wattpad, and it is punishable by federal law.

I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this book. Please respect that and just read the book guys. Thank you.


This book should be finished by the end of Summer 2017.

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