Man's Descent

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A new star appeared over the tiny icy planet, twinkling and shimmering against the black backdrop. Soon, seconds later, it was joined by another. Followed by another. Then another. Soon the sky was alive with thousands of new stars, each growing brighter by the second.

The unnamed planet's sky lit up, the closest thing to daylight it had ever known. Around it the little stars had turned into streaking missiles. They burned bright, trailing behind them a tail of burning gases before plunging to the surface and punching through the brittle ice.

The surface of the planet was now pockmarked with a thousand steaming holes. From one of them, with the steam refreezing in the atmosphere and raining back in a fine, silty mist, a hand appeared.

It was the hand of a beast. Grey scaly skin. A four fingered hand that ended in razor sharp claws. It rose from below the crater, searching for the edge. Finally it found the surface, digging it's claws deep into the hard ice, and strained it's muscles.

Japama rose his head and sniffed the air. Methane. Nitrogen. A feint hint of sweet ammonia. It stung, even burned a little, but Japama reveled in the sensation. Although he loved to take physical form, for him the opportunity did not present itself often enough.

A glowing ball of light, not more than a pinprick, hovered in front of Japama's face. Japama watched it flitter like a butterfly, staring at it cross eyed from behind his yellow eyes.

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