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August POV

I was sending pictures to babe cause he on tour and I miss him

Fetty POV

Babe is killing me with his picture bro  so I went to the back and called him

August: hey daddy

Fetty: hey u killing me

August: I know

Fetty: show me now

He took off his boxers and it was amazing

Fetty: oh god

August: baby

Fetty: yes

August: fuck me

They were rubbing there selves

August: I'm riding u

Fetty: ahhh

August: fuck

Fetty: I'm cumming all over your Body

August: yes baby

Fetty: fuck

August: ride me daddy

Fetty: daddy feels good

August: I'm coming

Fetty: me to

August: daddy

Fetty: yes baby

August: I love u

Fetty: I love u to baby

They both came and fell asleep

Next morning

Fetty POV

I woke up and looked at my phone it was 12:00 so I got up and showered I got three more cities to go then I'll be home

August POV

I just finished eating....then I called babe

Fetty: yea bro good luck hey babe

August: hey

Fetty: how u sleep

August: like a baby

Fetty: i bet

August: so how many cities u got now

Fetty: I have three more cities left then I'll be home

August: yay cause I miss u

Fetty: daddy miss u too

August: ahh

Fetty: well I gotta go

August: ok and call me back

Fetty: I will

August: I love u

Fetty: I love u too

They hong up and august hong out with Chris

Chris POV

What up everyone what it do I'm chilling with my nigga August today

August: what up FAM

Chris: what up how u been

August: I've been good

Chris: that's good and let's get started

They got started and it was fun

Fetty POV

I called babe to tell him that I'm coming home tonight he's going to be so ☺

August: Ahhh how the fuck you missed that ....hell naw y'all niggas need to start that over bruh ...hey babe

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