Log five: loss

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LOG FIVE: loss


"Don't you even dare tell a lie!" You read the text over and over again, your hands trembling, fear and shock taking all over you.

How did this happen?

[Flashback + third person pov]

Yoosung immediately contacted the other RFA members, telling them each what he had found out with Jaehee's help. Luciel was shocked the most, as the person sounded exactly like (r/g/n). How come he was wrong?

Yoosung wanted to be the one to confront the person who's claiming to be (r/g/n), but Luciel stopped him.

"We don't know who they are yet; and (r/g/n) may be in danger. You are emotional and you won't be able to act appropriately, so leave this to me. They might be a hacker. If so, then I am the only one who will be able to deal with them,"

Luciel spoke over the phone, while Yoosung hesitated at first but then agreed. Luciel was right. He couldn't do anything at this point, while Luciel had a chance.

Luciel hung up and sighed. He was thinking of all possibilities. What happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen? Many questions floated in his head and he couldn't find a good answer. He shook his head and grabbed his phone, contacting (r/g/n), or rather, the person who was claiming to be her. He decided to call them "Dat Boi" because it was an easy codename. ((Sorry it's 3 am I can't think straight-))

"(r/g/n)" he sent. A plain text like that, nothing else but the name of their former Rika replacement. He didn't know what to say, but he had to say something.

(Y/n) was watching some YouTube videos when she received the text. Sighing, she quickly opened it and read.

What the fuck?

She thought, but replied whatsoever,

"Are you sure you are you?" The text Luciel sent was meant to creep Dat Boi out, he wanted to put them under mental pressure so that they won't be able to lie.

(Y/n) read the text, not knowing what kind of reaction she had to react with. Her palms started sweating nervously as she typed another message, acting as if she didn't know what he was talking about. When she did.

"Huh? Seven are you okay?" she sent, acting all innocent, but her lies weren't going to be believed. She knew what was going to happen at this point, but she'd never expected to be caught this fast; not at all.

"No, I am not. Who are you?" Luciel typed and sent, confronting Dat Boi.

(Y/n) read with her eyes wide. He didn't buy her cheap lie, she knew it, but she couldn't do anything. It was like suddenly her mind went blank, and she wasn't able to comprehend what was going on right now.

"Don't you even dare tell a lie!" Luciel sent as if he knew (y/n) was preparing a lie. What was she going to do?

End of flashback

"(r/g/n) ran away, because you all pressured her. And she asked me to take her place. My name is (Insert a really close name to yours)."

Luciel read the plain text in shock, was this true? Or was it a lie? Why'd (r/g/n) leave them? She promised not to. Why did she not tell them? And if this was a lie, then he has to figure it out.

"You are lying." Luciel knew, the best way to find out was to point out they were lying, whether it was true or not. It was a safe way to find out.

'GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!' (y/n) yelled in her head, 'HOW COULD HE FIND OUT?!'

"Listen up, you worthless piece of shit, I will send someone after you to end you forever and then I will use your head as a decoration for my living room. If you wouldn't like that to happen, then I suggest you keep your filthy mouth shut or else, you will meet the same fate as (r/g/n). "

(Y/n) sent and smirked, texting Ivo to be ready at any moment to take action, which Ivo gladly agreed to, already feeling excited for the metallic smell of blood.

Whereas Luciel was horrified, he knew this person was dangerous, if they weren't, they wouldn't dare to send that instead of funning away or continuing to lie. He was in trouble.

He had two choices, either die, or keep his  little Pandora box shut, but which one was he going to pick exactly?

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