A Rider (URBAN)

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A Rider..

I took one last drag of my blunt before I threw it on the ground and stepped on it with my 6 inch red bottoms. I took my perfume out of my bag and sprayed it on my skin tight red Gucci dress before walking inside of the building along with three of Anthony's most trusted. Right now I was about to make the last sale of the night, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Kaja short for LaKaja. (Luh-Kay-Jah) & I would like to think- scratch that I KNOW that I'm the baddest bitch walking. To decribe myself I am 5'4 feet tall, have greenish hazel eyes, I was mixed with black & Dominican and I had long black curly hair that stopped down to my ass. I had 39 D titties that sat up full and perfect, a phat ass to match, and full plump pink lips. See me I might be small but I won't hesitate to put my Size 4 1/2 heel up your ass. I walked in and sat in the chair with the three men Anthony sent with me behind me. They all had on black suits and black shades, they looked very professional, but don't get that twisted either, without hesitation they would put a bullet in your head. "Looking lovely as alway Kaja." George said. One of weekly clients. "Thankyou." I said smiling crossing my legs. He also had three men with them and they were hungrily gazing at me. I just smiled, it can cross there minds but they would never, and could never get a bitch like me. "Ahh, I see you have men with you, Oh come on Kaja you don't trust me by now?" he asked. I just laughed "Nothing personal George, but as you know you can never fully trust anyone." I said, He nodded his head in aggreance. "You're absolutely right," he said.

"So shall we get started?" I asked. "Yes ma'am." he said gesturing his guys to bring over the suitcases full of the money. "You got the goods?" he asked. "Of course." I said. One of the men I brung came and sat three big suitcases and sat it on the table. He opened all three of them up. "Ahh beautiful." he said taking a razor blade out tasting the pure cocaine. "That's fifteen kilos, so I expect to have my 750 k." I said jokingly but seriously. "Go ahead and count it." he said. One of my men were about to do it but I raised my hand letting him know that i'd do it. There was a money counter machine so i put it in the machine and it was 755 k. "Aww that extra 5 k, you didn't have to." I said smiling. "Consider it a gift for you being so beautiful." he said. I put the money back in the suit case and my men each grabbed one. "It was nice doing business with you again, see you next week?" I said holding out my hand for a hand shake. "The pleasure was all mines." he said lifting my hand up and kissing it. I walked out of the building I walked over the black expedition and one of the men opened the door for me as I got in and then he got in the car also. 

We pulled up to me and Anthony house that we shared and they put in the pin number to open the gate. The gate finally opened and we drove in. One of the men opened the door for me and I walked to my house door unlocking it and walking in. I heard some noises coming from upstairs, but I didn't know what the fuck it was. I pulled my glock from under my dress, I was always prepared in case something was going on. I took my heels off, and the three men followed my lead as we silently walked upstairs. As I got closer to me and Anthony bedroom I heard a voice moaning out "Ant..Ahh Ant." my blood instantly started to boil. I kicked in the door and saw Ant fucking some girl from the back smacking her ass as she backed it up on him. I went and grabbed the little bitch off my man as I beat the fuck out of her face. She was wiggling and kicking her feet "Get her off me ANT!!" she cried. I kept punching her till I felt my fist getting slippery as I saw it was blood coming from her mouth and nose. I saw Anthony grab a pair of balling shorts and come over to me grabbing me off her. "Get her out of here!" Anthony told one of the men and they did what he said. 'Get the FUCK OFF ME!!" I yelled attempting to push Anthony but he was too strong. Did I describe Anthony to you?" Anthony was a smooth chocolate just like I liked them, my baby had deep dimples, and waves in his head. He had them black mystery eyes and tattoos that covered every inch of his body exxcept for his legs, thighs and feet. He was strong and body WAS AMAZING, plus dick game too bomb! Thick & long just like I like it. 

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