Another Cave Part 6

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12th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

The kid was determined to have herself a fire that night and nothing I would say would sway her. So I let her do what she wants since I have to admit that se does know her way about the countryside better than I do.

Plus I reckon there would be much I can learn from her if I just let her be and do her own thing. At least for the moment anyway.

She still didn't give two hoots about the fact that she was naked. Or nearly naked but for the knickers she still wore.

I was getting the feeling that she didn't get to wear many clothes back at the compound which only gave me a bad feeling as to what she must have put up with after her parents death a few years ago.

I don't know how she'll feel about it if I broach the subject to her. But I would imagine she'll probably become closed mouth about it all.

So I'll wait until she is more approachable before questioning her about anything related to her family. The kid is full of surprises even when she is holding back any pain she may be feeling, not even making a sound at times.

It was later that night that she surprised me again.

" You have to get some sleep too. You can't stay awake watching me all the time. We can both share the sleeping bag since it's quite a large one." Was what the kid said to me as she stood there looking down at the thing in question.

But not before she had to say that dreaded word again.

"I need another pee before going to bed." She said as she began to hobble her way into the rear of the cave to get herself behind the rocks we used earlier.

I was about to help her, but she held up her hand and stopped me where I was. So I watched and waited.

"You can turn your back around, can't you?' She said which had my mouth dropping open.

She wants privacy to pee! Really? After all that we have been through since I rescued the damn kid? Really?

"Well? Turn your self around." She snapped at me which had me closing my mouth, standing up straight and then after giving her glare, I turned by back on her to listen to her struggling with the only piece of article she was wearing, her knickers.

So after hearing a few grunts and groans along with what was then a trickle of piss, I then heard her  moving around again before  hearing slight footsteps beginning to make her way back to me.

I was also getting pretty sick of looking at her body too, so after a moment's hesitation, I took off my covershirt to lay it on a rock and then pull off the T-shirt I had on beneath it and pass it over to her.

She looked at me horrified as she held the shirt with her fingertips. Then she looked at me, or specifically, at my chest.

Then she got this dopey look on her face. Not that I cared. I grabbed the shirt back out of her hands and then pulled it over her head as pushed her loose arm up and through the arm hole and pulled the hem of the shirt down over her breasts and down further to cover her cute little butt.

Letting out the breath that I had been holding in, I felt relieved that her body was finally covered up and not as distracting as it has been.

Then I noticed that she was giving me a glare this time.

"Young ladies should not be running around the bush butt naked." I snapped at her as I bent over once more and plucked up my camourflage shirt and slipped it back on again, ignoring the looks that the kid was giving me.

"I don't go running about butt naked thankyou. What gave you that idea?" She asked me once I pulled my shirt down over my chest.

"Then why are you so comfortable being naked with me around?" I asked her in a clipped voice.

"I hurt." She said in a pitiful voice which had me quickly looking at her to see that she was standing there with a few tears pooling in her eyes now.

"Damn it." I said to her as I turned away from her and stomped over to the little fire we had going and reached out for a couple of the tins of food that the kid had among her stash that I decided to bring with us.

Then after punching a hole in each tin, I sat them close to the fire so they warmed up ignoring the shuffling sounds of the kids who was slowly making her way over to where I was near the fire.

"You could have helped me, you know." She growled at me which had me twisting on my feet to look at her as she tried to lower herself down onto the sleeping bag.

I just looked at her.

"Well?" She snapped at me asking without words for me to get up and help her.

Sighing, I got myself back up onto my feet and after making sure that my feet were steady, I took a couple of steps closer to her and after reaching her, I watched as she reached out and grabbed hold of my prosthetic hand in her tight little clasp.

Then while I watched, she lowered herself carefully down onto the bag below her with only a few moans.

It actually made me think that she really should have been moaning and groaning a lot more than she has been since I met the kid. Her injuries have drawn moans and groans from bigger and stronger men that her.

Yet she had hardly made many painful sounds since she regained consciousness after I killed off those two damn dogs that were attacking her. Hardly anything at all.

It made me wonder what the hell has she been going through back at the house while supposedly living under her brothers loving  care.

Those were some more questions that I want her to answer.

Hearing a little pop of metal behind me, I turned to see a little bit of steam emitting from the two tins of stew that I placed near the fire to heat up. I can also just smell them cooking as well making my mouth water a bit.

They were like having a little home cooked meal and were much better than those energy bars that I had brought with me. Or the ones they she had collected for herself as well.

So after using a stick to pull them out away from the fire, I used my knife and slid it into the hole I punched into the can and slowly used the knife to open the can enough so that a spoon could slide in and out.

Making sure that the kid wouldn't get burnt, I turned around and put the can with a spoon already in it, in front of the kid who was sniffing at the meal in front of her with a smile on her face.

Little did the kid know that she'll be enjoying another sleep shortly after finishing the feed off.

So after eating and making sure we were comfotable, I slowly allowed the fire to die down till it was just a small glow and settled down for the night.

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day with us trapsing across the bush like we would have to be doing.

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