1girl,+2,000 boys+ One school = Chaos ( You Don't want to read this!) Vampire.

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1girl,+2,000 boys+ One school = Chaos ( You Don't want to read this!) Vampire.

I loaded all my bags in the cab trunk. My mom waved at me as I got in the cab, I was used to this...switching from one boarding school to another. As soon as my parents finds a school they think is better than the one I'm attending they send me away.

I never really get to know anyone too well, I was always pulled away before I could make friends with anyone, but I have a feeling I was going to stay at this boarding school for a long time. Which would be great...I think. I bet this school is bigger than the previous one I was it. Its always like that.

I was one of those rich girls. Got everything I ever wanted and sure I showed that I was money. But I never thought I was better than anyone. I always wear designer clothes. I looked in the mirror; I looked like I always did. Nothings changed and I wasn't going to try and impress those snots but, of course I don't want to look like I came out of a dumpster either.

The cab pulled up at the school. I paid the guy and got out. I told my mom I didn't want a limo because it wasn't necessary. I walked in the entrance of ST. Martins boarding high. Weird name for a school, but oh well I don't care.

The office was on the left I opened the door slowly and went in the secretary looked up when she saw me she smiled "hello I'm Mrs. Crowley you must be Avery Johnson" she said I smiled and nodded. Mrs. Crowley look like she's in her fifties. She had long red hair some parts were gray, about 30 % percent in estimate but hey whose checking?

"Welcome I think it will be nice having a girl in an all boy boarding school" she said still smiling "what?" I shouted somebody; please tell me I am not hearing correctly I thought I just heard her say BOYS boarding school!!

"Your parents didn't tell you did they? Well St.Martins is an all boy boarding school we have superb teachers" she said like we were gossiping about celebrity scandals "I am not staying here call my mom to come pick me up" I demanded.

"your parents can't and student don't get calls" she replied in a now sad voice. "Well at least I get my own room" I said looking on the Brightside "actually Avery dear we didn't and don't have enough rooms so you are going to share your room with. let me see" she took up some file I guess they are for me, and she looked through it "you will be sharing rooms with Nathan Andrade" she said her face brightening up she placed the filed back on the desk and gave my schedule "Nathan is a decent young man you wont have a problem with him" I nodded "follow me I will show you the room" we walked up 3 rows of stairs. Finally we reached the dorm I was staying at. "Here. Your roommate isn't here yet so I guess you have it for yourself for now at least" she said and left.

I unpacked my bags and changed into jeans short shorts a cream plaid top and converse to match. I walked in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I had curly black hair that looked perfect with m pale skin. I had crazy gray eyes with tints of red color and a gash or purple and beautiful pink lips.

I looked nice this outfit whose my curves perfect as always. U felt kind of sleepy. I laid on the bed with my shoes on. My eyelids close and I fell asleep.

A/N hey guys tell me what you think I will post chapter if you guys like it (I wrote up to chap 5) kk.


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